STICKi PICi – Enhance Your Photos

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

STIKi PICi STIKi PICi is a fun little application that allows you to enhance your photos. It is based off the concept of the Asian photo booths known as purikuria.

Once you import a photo from your Camera Roll (or take a photo) you can then add frame, stamps, writing and conversation bubbles to the photo. There are a decent amount of frames and stamps to choose from. You can choose both a inside and border color for the writing tool as well as the size of the tool. There are a variety of conversation bubbles to choose from…you can also choose the color, size and font of the text in the chat bubble. Another great feature of the application is that you can change your photo to Black and White, Sepia or Soften it…just a nice extra touch.

The touch interface is precise and allows you to freely move and size any object you add to the photo. All of the graphics are nicely designed and high quality. Once saved, the images are saved to your Camera Roll at 640 x 480 resolution. I did find, at times, the user interface was a little tricky (especially when creating the conversation bubbles) but after a little time using the app…I did get used to it.

Honestly, I actually really like this application…it made me get into my creative groove! It helps that the graphics are good quality (and totally girly!).



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  1. now i find what i want to know.. thank you for this informations..

  2. does sticki pici work on ipod touch too?? coz i don’t have an iphone n can’t be bother’d buyin one =___=..