iNav WinterBoard Theme – Tutorial

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iNav inav14 I’m sure many of you have heard about the iNav theme…if not, WHAT! JK, it’s totally ok if you haven’t heard about it especially because I’m going to tell you about it right now! iNav is a theme pretty much like no other theme out there. Since it’s release, there have been many themes based off of it but, it was definitly one of a kind! It does take a few minutes (ok, like 20 minutes) and a little work (no SSHing though!) to set up this theme so, I’m going to walk you through it. First, you will need to go into Cydia and install the iNav theme via the modmyi source. If you do not already have the Categories application installed, it will install it as well. Now, let’s get into the Instructions:


1. Install the iNav theme via the modmyi source.


2. Make sure that the Categories application was also installed when you installed iNav (it was suppose to install automatically with the theme). If it did not install Categories, go into Cydia and install Categories via the BigBoss source.

3. Open Categories and create a folder titled Games (it doesn’t matter what icon you choose for the folder).

4. Put all your games into the Games folder.

5. Create a folder in Categories titled Apps (it doesn’t matter what icon you choose for the folder).

6. Put the rest of your applications in the Apps folder except – Photos, Settings, Games, Apps, Text, Phone, Mail, iPod and Safari. That means that even the Categories application itself will go into the Apps folder.


7. Close the Categories application. You should only have the Photos, Settings, Games, Apps, Text, Phone, Mail, iPod and Safari icons on your SpringBoard.

8. Move the Settings application to your dock.

9. Move the rest of the apps (Photos, Games, Apps, Text, Phone, Mail, iPod and Safari) so that there is one app on each page of your SpringBoard.

inav3 inav4

10. Go into WinterBoard (which is most likely in the Apps folder now) and active both the iNav Beta theme and the No Undocked Icon Labels mod.

11. Move the No Undocked Icon Labels mod above the iNav theme in WinterBoard


12. Close WinterBoard.

Ok, things will look a little crazy at first. The icons for this theme are larger than normal so, you will have a large icon in the upper left corner of every SpringBoard page.

inav6 inav7

13. Tap and hold any icon until they enter “move” mode and are wiggling! I would suggest just tapping and holding in the middle of your dock where your Safari icon was located.

Once the icons are in “move” mode, you will notice that there are a ton of blank icons. This is where things can get a little tricky and slightly time consuming.


14. Move the icon in the upper left corner of your SpringBoard into the second row of icons…the third icon in. See screenshot below.


15. Repeat step 14 for every SpringBoard page.

16. Move three blank icons onto your dock…see screenshot below.


17. Move the rest of the blank icons to look like the screenshot below. Each SpringBoard page will have 10 blank icons (not including the blank icons in the dock).

inav11 inav12 inav13

18. Once you have all the blank icons in the correct places…tap your Home Button.

19. TaDa! You now have the iNav theme. Each SpringBoard page should contain once large icon (Photo’s, Games, Apps, My SMS, Contact, E-Mail, Media and Internet).

inav14 inav15 inav16

A few last steps…

20. Open the Apps application.

21. Tap on the “i” icon in the lower right corner.

22. Turn off Folder title, turn on Icon labels, turn on Use Background.png, turn on Left/Right Scroll, turn off Keep Resident, change the Row to 3 and change the Icons Theme to iNav Beta.


23. Repeat steps 21 and 22 for the Games application.


Ok, now that you have spent at least 20 minutes installing this theme correctly, lets talk about some pros and cons.

    • It’s a stinking sweet theme!
    • I love the little arrows.

    • You have to have all your apps in two folders (Game and Apps) instead of on your SpringBoard.
    • You can’t choose your Folders…they have to be Games and Apps in order for the theme to work correctly.
    • When you deactivate the theme in WinterBoard…it leaves all the blank icons on your SpringBoard (however, if you completely uninstall the theme it deletes the blank icons).
    • It can be a little tricky getting used to where to tap on the icon so that it opens the app.
    • I like the look of the theme…I’m not a huge fan of the other UI mods.
    • If you accidentally hit a blank icon (a webclip) instead of the application’s icon, it opens Safari.

I know, it looks like there are more Cons than Pros but the sweetness of the theme just might out weight them!

inav19 inav20 inav21 inav22 inav23

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  1. you know this is the beta.
    the full version is allready out and quite better.
    just that you know

  2. link to the full version?

  3. I only see the beta 1 version in Cydia through the modmyi repo.

  4. I bet these instructions took a while to write. :)

  5. You may want to note that you need to uninstall any Five Row/Icon mods from cydia prior to setting up this theme (five row dock, five row springboard, etc..) I noticed that the arrow does not match up with the text on the right if you have any of them installed.

  6. Brooke:
    ( • If you accidentally hit a blank icon (a webclip) instead of the application’s icon, it opens Safari.)

    If you add the french repository then download blanknull, you will be able to click anywhere on the screen (blank icons) and it will not open Safari ^_^.

  7. The different themes (skins, if you will) of iNav are great as well! I just found and downloaded the iNav Wood theme and I love it! They’ve added the Pandora app to the navigation in that one. I personally don’t use Pandora on my iPhone anymore but, I added the icon just for aesthetics. You may have to move your icons around (I moved mine around to match the navigation bar) because of the added page for Pandora but it’s well worth it. An added bonus to this theme is the calendar and weather widgets they placed on top of the theme! I added a screen shot of my phone here: Enjoy if you download it!

  8. Thats sweet, only took about 10 mins to do too. I must say brooke, one of your best tutorials!

  9. I’ve installed iNav Blue Full version. It too is nice. The difference in installation is that you need the five icon dock, five column springboard and springjump installed. The installation is just as lengthy as the beta 1 version. But once it’s setup it’s pretty sweet. I’ll stick with the full version for now.

    It seems there are some loading screens missing that are actually in the beta lol. But oh well that’s fine. It’s not really a big deal.

  10. I downloaded iNav (with Categories), but the darn thing did something to my iPhone I haven’t been able to correct. The phone wigged out and went into safe mode, but once it restarted, 1/2 my icons were gone. I’ve removed iNav and Categories from the phone, but the icons are still gone. Here’s the catch, the programs still show up in my BossPrefs Hide Icon list, so I know they’re still there. Anyone have any ideas how I can get things restored??

    • Gabriel D says

      UNHIDE them. It’s usual that categories “hides” the icons you “foldered”. Are you still using the bossprefs? Use the SBSettings. It works much better and it opens really quickly sliding your finger through the status bar. Besides, you can add lots of settings by Cydia in there. The SbSettings has the option “more” and then you got “Hide icons”. Unluckily, when you remove “Categories”, the apps just don’t unhide. I think you can unhide them with bossprefs also.

    • all you have to do is select then unselect the app on the “hidden” list, or select reset home screen layout from the settings app.

  11. george mitchell says

    This is a great theme. Very easy to install and set up. Although I do like the Red version a bit better because of color and a few sound additions. But the full version of iNav I am not very fond of. To me it seems like just another theme. The icons/names on the spring board seems like a step back. For me the new arrangement was really the main reason this theme was so hot.

  12. Has anyone else experienced the icons not be visible after removing the theme, and has anyone confirmed that BossPrefs, or SBSettings will unhide the icons in this case?

    • george mitchell says

      this is totally normal. it uses those blank icons so that the main icon can be placed in location 11. you should not delete any blank icons if you follow the exact directions you will be using every one of them on each page.

      I downloaded mine online and installed it via pc and not cydia. That way you can make sure you get the full version and no errors during download. Some times I find that I get errors as well when getting things off cydia. So i try a couple times and eventually they work.

      When ever you use categories you need to make sure that if you want to change a theme and no longer use it you will need to remove all apps from every category you create. If you don’t you will find your self in a bad place and will have to do a restore. It happened to me the first time I used categories as well.

  13. im trying to download inav from cydia but keep getting error messages such as size mismatch??? Can anyone tell me why this is happening?

  14. Brooke, when you download categories it puts a blank icon in all unused locations and fills all empty pages/screens is this normal, and do I need to delete all the extra blanks before moving on with the install if the theme?

    Thanks, Pat

  15. i exactly did what the instructions is….but the folders i made ( games and apps)
    are not as big as the one in the theme, size is the normal icons… is there something wrong? Please help me….thanks in advance!!!

  16. Open Categories where? Where is categories? it isn’t on my springboard.

    • LarryInAz says

      Catergories should have been installed on your springboard [iPhone desktop] as an app. If you don’t see it I highly recommend a jailbreak tool called QuickGold which lets you search and launch any app, webclip, etc.

  17. Open Categories where? Where is categories? It isn’t on my springboard. What I have when I select this theme in Winterboard is a gigantic dock and a bunch of little icons and a huge tire in the upper right. There is no Categories. There doesn’t appear to be any way to manage this theme.

  18. Okay. I found categories several pages on amid a massive number of links to blank web pages.

  19. Okay, so it’s not a huge tire, it’s a lens. I can’t make that lens icon stay in the place designated in this tutorial. It won’t stay in that spot..

  20. I did it. It took a lot longer than 20 minutes, and it looks good. I just don’t know why I have so many useless links that can be activated with the slightest touch. Why? This would be a truly useful theme if the list on the left was a list of links to those apps. Now that would be a good theme.

  21. richard says

    it is the best theme avaliable.
    but one problem.
    Some of the large icons have not turned up and are very small
    Weird hey
    but overall an amazing theme.

  22. There’s a tweak call BlankNull install it so when you accidently tap on a blank it won’t open up safari or does anything unless you hold it for a second then the wiggles start for apps arrangement on the springboard!
    I like this theme too but it’s just too much works and tiresome after a few days of use so I still prefer the traditional way of icons modding with multiple icons on the springboard or the use of Dock or Stacks

  23. if you want this theme with a dock and a little bit more friendly user interface, check out iNav Sterling Silver (its available in Cydia)

  24. Great tutorial!

    But Im stuck at step 20. I really dont know what you guys mean by “Apps Application”..? Perhaps you can clear things up :)


  25. Hi, having a problem, step 13, im not seeing the blank icons with little X’s when i goto to move my icons around. also i cant get my settings down in the dock.

  26. If you find problesm with blanks not showing up use iblank to create them the move te icons till they fit properly and download blanknull works a charm once i figured this out it was a quick process

  27. Where does the “Settings” application end up?
    I can’t find it now?

  28. Hello there.

    First off thanks for the step by step guide. I have everything where it should be but the arrow on the left hand side doesnt match up to the main icon.

    The first one (contact) the black arrow is way up on the left hand side above the word contact. Each Icon thereafter is off by one.

    Hope this makes sense…

    Any ideas?


  29. How do you totally remove / delete it if you want?

  30. Aaron Elmiger says

    Does this really cool app (theme) work on the a non 3G iphone thats been upgrade to the new OS v3?

    It didn’t seem to work on mine.


  31. manuel Maestrini says

    hey guys just installed the beta version on my iphone edge firm 3.0 and it works, the only problem is about the sms icon, it doesn’t change and get as big as the others but it is the same as default (the green square)!!! Can anybody help me??

  32. manuel Maestrini says

    hey i’ll try now, but can i shh it even if i’m already using it? or i need to change and restart it eventually?? another problem it was that I couldn’t see the backgroung when th ephone is locked (you know when there’s slide to unlock)? yeah , there.. any help?

  33. manuel Maestrini says

    didn’t help change the name?? should i uninstall it and install again?? how?

  34. manuel Maestrini says

    it worked …it needed the big M…Messages… so what about for the image when the phone is blocked…i only see it black with the hour and in the bottom that says:enter inav

  35. Christian says

    When it resprings, EVERYTHING is black, and nothing shows up. I need help. PLEASE. I really want this theme.

  36. How do I get the Lockscreen and Slider to show up? the screen is black with the words “Enter iNav” at the bottom. Anyone?

  37. Having the same problem, no SMS big Icon and also no background when phone locked, is it because of the 3.0 OS ?

  38. Also no background when charging, anyone can help…? Please…

  39. Anyone else get everything to work perfectly except the labels still appear behind the big icons? I’ve turned off undocked icon labels in winterboard several times without any luck.

    • Kyle Beverforden says

      Nevermind, I fixed it. I had to edit the Info.plist file in the iNav theme folder and take out the key for the transparent labels.

  40. New question… Anyone know how to remove the spotlight magnifying glass from the appearing next to where the page icons were?


  41. where can i find how to change the sms text to message

  42. Hi All!!

    Haven’t got a clue what SSH is, followed some tutorials online and downloaded everything i need but i don’t know how to rename my messages icon or the phonebook to make them bigger…all the rest are fine! My background is black and no batter appears when i charge or anything??

    Can anyone help?


  43. Hi nice step by step but I have a problem I have firmware 3.0.1 n the lockscreen is black only the slidbar is showing. What do I need to do to fix it? Thank you

  44. Download ifile from cydia
    open ifile and go all the way to the parent directory “/” and click “Applications” then press back and scroll down to “themes” the find your inav theme and open the file
    then delete all files ending in .HTML and then respring

  45. Hi. I’ve just installed this theme. Is it too old for firmware 3.0? I can’t seem to get the SMS icon to change at all. It’s still the default green one. Any solutions?

  46. hello everyone …
    i dont know how to use ssh correctly can anyone tell me how i can change the icon for Messages from “text” to “messages”
    and how to get that frame when the phone is locked


  47. why is my sms thing not showing up like the pic? HELP!!!

  48. this is only for the iPhone =(

    is there a version for the itouch??


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  2. […] is a theme based off the iNav theme. Like the iNav theme, it uses Categories to put all your apps into two categories; Apps and Games. It then uses blank […]

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