WinterBoard Settings

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Settings I was surprised when I opened Cydia this morning and saw a WinterBoard Settings application. I was like…Shut Up! I totally thought we were going to get some sweet new settings…maybe some interface settings and what not. Well, that is not exactly what this app is.

WinterBoard Settings, via the source, will add an option for WinterBoard in your stock Settings application. When selected, you have the option to turn on/off SpringBoard Only (which will apply WinterBoard themes to only your SpringBoard) and Debug (I’m not exactly sure what this setting would do). You can also view all your WinterBoard themes from the Settings option.

Ultimately, you would no longer need to use the WinterBoard application itself, you could do everything through the WinterBoard Settings. When testings WinterBoard Settings, I found that the two applications (WinterBoard itself and WinterBoard Settings) override each other. For example, if you set a theme using the WinterBoard Settings and then you go in a choose a theme from WinterBoard itself…it will override the theme you chose using the WinterBoard Settings and vice versa.

I also found that the SpringBoard Only option seemed to work. It leaves anything that shows up on the SpringBoard (Wallpaper, Dock, StatusBar, Wifi icon…etc) activated but turns off the theme’s mods like calculator, dialer, sms…etc. It also leave the theme’s lock screen mods activated as well.

I haven’t decided yet if this is a app I’m going to use or if I’m going to stick with just using WinterBoard itself. Let me know in the comments what you think.


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  1. I have winterboard settings, I like it because it cleans up my springboard. Winterboard truly is a setting I think. Now if only it was more user friendly it would b perfect. One question though: if you have WBsettings, can u uninstall regular winterboard app or do you have to have it also

    • u need the original winterboard app, though now u dont need to acknowledge its existence and can just POOF it away :)

    • Yes I POOFed it already. Just didnt know if it was an addon of replacement. But thanks for clearing it up for sure and thanks for the reply :)

    • I love that both of your names are Matt…it looks like you are talking to yourself! :)

  2. I don’t have the WinterBoard Settings app, but I’m assuming it’s completely separate from WinterBoard itself, and just provides the interface to modify WB settings in the stock Settings app. Therefore, if you were to remove WB, it wouldn’t have anything to modify! So I wouldn’t go uninstalling WB anytime soon. ;-)

  3. carlito507 says

    So if I install winterboard settings can I delete the winterboard app and just use this or do I have to have both for the settings app to work?

    • No, you can’t uninstall WinterBoard…you would still need to have it installed for the WinterBoard Setting application to work.

  4. I like this a lot, very easy to use. They just need to make a setting to change springboard backgrounds.

    • Stimpy5050 says

      This tool isn’t intended to add features to WinterBoard. Backgrounds are managed by themes, so you would need to change your themes to change the background.

    • Or choose the User Wallpaper option in WinterBoard and then select your own background…I do that a lot.

  5. I know this isnt the place for this question. I was using cycorder a while back the switched to Videorecorder 3g for awhile now. I redownloaded cycorder to switchback but every time i hit record it crashes. My phone goes backto home screen and above cycorder icon there is a badge that says “Rec”. What is wrong?

    • Nevermind lol i fixed the problem. I wasnt paying attention when i was ssh’ing. I accidently put a different folder titled Videos in the media folder. Do not do this haha

  6. I love this app! I want to see more like it! For items such as Backgrounder, Notifier (Reminder), Categories, and others such as 3G unrestrictor. I see them ALL as settings, and I currently use a category to hold them all, and simply label it as settings.

    But if there was a way to integrate them all directly in the settings app, I would be much happier! I’d even pay for it!

  7. brusqueboi says

    I have a problem with this app i enabled it but i cant get anything to change. it seems they keep cancelling each other out. also when i do try to make a change it doesnt respring like it did before. I have tried uninstalling it and then installing it again but still no luck. can anyone help me?

  8. is there a way to delete something you dowloaded from cydia thats on winterboard? Like i downloaded a couple apps from cydia that are in my winterboard and i don’t want them anymore.. is there anyway to delete it off of winterboard?

    • Just uninstall them from packages in cydia, you may want to copy them to your pc first incase you want to use them again later, I do this with certain things like Absolute Transparency, saves me installing it again, I can just drop it from my comp back into themes.

  9. I really don’t see much point in this, why put a tab in settings saying themes when right below it is winterboard where I can change anything anyways, that’s just pointless plus why poof the icon when you can hide it from within settings?? The themes tab had nothing in for me, I had no option or settings other than what I get within the winterboard tab.


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