WinterBoard Settings Update – Hide WinterBoard Icon

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

WinterBoard Settings There was recently an update to WinterBoard Settings. I actually have not done a review for two updates now so, I will talk about both the 0.3.0 update and the 0.4.0 update.

The 0.3.0 update adds an “Enabled” button to WinterBoard Settings. This button actually enables/disables the any mods/themes/hacks that are installed for WinterBoard. It basically turns WinterBoard on and off. So, if you have Enabled turned off, if you make changes in either the WinterBoard application or WinterBoard Settings, they will not display.

FYI: Enabled is automatically turned off when updated/installed which totally had me confused because my WinterBoard application was not working and I thought I broke something…then I remembered the update to WinterBoard Settings.

The 0.4.0 update adds the ability to hide the WinterBoard icon so that you can exclusively use WinterBoard Settings instead of the WinterBoard application itself.

Not extremely huge updates but, useful if you use WinterBoard Settings. I still do not use WinterBoard Settings exclusively. I know a few of you said that you use it instead of the WinterBoard app. Has anyone else decided to use WinterBoard Settings exclusively?

Remember you can get WinterBoard Settings via the source.


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  1. From what I have read you have to use one or the other can’t use both they cancel each other out. I have been using W.B. Settings only and I am very happy with it. One thing I am noticing is that my battery isn’t dyeing on me as fast as it used to with the old winterboard.

  2. I’m weary of addin’ on more and more dylibs to my phone. We only have so much memory, and all these dylibs just take away from what little we have.

  3. wow didn’t even know there was such an app

  4. i use it exclusively. I like it better and found that my memory runs higher. Maybe its just in my head but Im around 25mb with iComplete as my theme (it has several mods). And im not using the springboard only toggle either. Before i was at like 15mb or below. I also like how its in your settings menu. It makes it feel native, like its meant to b there.

  5. Stimpy5050 says

    WB Settings and can run side by side. They will not cancel each other out. Any battery or memory effects you see are an illusion (unless you have SpringBoard Only turned on, which may offer some benefit).

  6. Hey all, I have the 3gs and Winterboard will not work with the new Jailbreak. Does this Winterboard Settings allow a bypass to the orginal WB app? I have done a searce in my sources for and it brings up nothing but errors.

    any answers….

  7. plz help someone when i click install it says cannot comply note: the requested modification cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed.

    modifications: install winter board setings

    winterboard settings: depends prefernceloader undefined…