SBSettings Update – New Features and Bug Fixes

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SBSettings It seems that BigBoss has been working hard because today we get another update to SBSettings. This update adds a few new features, some tweaks and some bug fixes. A few of the new features include the ability to change the date separator to either / or . and the ability to change the time to a 24 hour time. I also like that a little hand icon was added to the toggles in which you can hold down to activate the hold feature (though, the actual hold feature is not available on 2.x firmware). Below is the complete change log for version 2.99-2.

    • More App: Fixed issue with text box on 2.x mobile substrate screen.
    • Both: Option switch in more app and support for 24 hour time display (by request).
    • Both: Option switch in more app and support for toggling between / and . for date separator (by request).
    • DYLIB: Moved Wifi toggle code back to 1.x version method for 2.x iPhones. I couldn’t reproduce any wifi toggle errors, but now it’s back to how it used to be anyway. The new code is only used on 3.0.
    • DYLIB: Added a little indicator to the bottom right of each icon that supports hold action. (Themers, this icon is themable. Just add a Hold.png in your theme. It should be 19×19. If your icon is missing, the one out of Default theme is used).
    • DYLIB: Added a quick popup to wifi toggle on the hold action to indicate on which access point you are connected. (Sorry, but figuring out how to select access points will require a lot more research. Remember none of this stuff is documented by Apple.)
    • DYLIB: Updated processes toggle to not close the toggle each time you kill an app with it.
    • DYLIB: Fixed springboard crash when holding wifi toggle for 1 second on 2.x.
    • DYLIB: Prevent fast respring if iPhone is locked. Periodically, people post news and videos that you can get to icons and bypass the security lock. This feature is disabled by default and I only added it because users wanted it. So it is an option that you have to enable in the settings. I don’t consider this a security issue since you have to actually enable the feature. In either case, I patched the respring bypass to allow my email inbox to quiet down.


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  1. I’ve had to do a restore since updating to the previous release yesterday as it ‘broke’ my bluetooth.

    I really miss SBSettings.

    Can someone confirm that the bluetooth radio is now working OK with this version?