SBSettings Update – Hide Hold Indicator

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettings To keep up-to-date on the SBSettings, there have been two more updates recently. The updates 2.99-3 & 2.99-4 had one bug fix and added one new option:

    • A bug fix so that you cannot type in the mobile substrate text box
    • The ability to hide the hold indicator, that is the little hand image on the icons that support the hold feature (which is currently only available on the 3.x firmware).

I kind of like the new feature that allows the ability to hide the hand icon especially since I’m on 2.x firmware and the feature is not available to me yet. However, I cannot seem to find the option to hide it. I looked in the More/Extras & Options and I don’t see it. Let me know if I’m just crazy or if it is really not there.

Update: After uninstalling and reinstalling SBSettings…the Show Hold Icons option is now available.


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  1. It’s at the very bottom of the More/Extras section. I’m afraid to say, you just crazy! :P

  2. I was wondering what that icon was for.

  3. same here was wondering what that icon was for. would like to ask also if you turn on the apple kill switch, does it enable the kill switch for apple to kill any apps they want, or does it disable apple’s kill switch?

  4. I had trouble with the “hide hold indicator” when I first updated. Then I went back to Cydia later this evening and it it still indicated an update. Idk if the update didnt load right the first time as I was on Edge at that time or if they fixed the bugs. It works now! Good thing cause I hate badges or indicators. I disabled them in the new Backgrounder also. In my opinion Sbsettings needs an Enable/Disable toggle in the native Settings. I like to go all normal sometimes just to see how good I have it. LOL

  5. What exactly does that hold feature do?

  6. Has anybody got working weather digits on the status bar using OS 3.0?

  7. So what does the hand do lol and why wouldn’t I want to remove it?