ultrasn0w Tutorial

ultrasn0w Below is a step-by-step guide on how to unlock an iPhone 3G using ultrasn0w. In order to use ultrasn0w, you must have baseband 04.26.08…which means you need to be on the 3.0 firmware. Your iPhone also must be jailbroke in order to use ultrasn0w.

Note: T-Mobile USA users should disable 3G before using ultrasn0w

How to unlock an iPhone 3G using ultrasn0w

1. Find the Cydia application on your iPhone’s SpringBoard.

2. Tap on the Cydia icon. This will open the Cydia application.

3. Select the Manage option on the lower menu bar.

4. Here you will see two options; Packages and Source. You will want to select the Sources option.

5. This will bring you to the list of sources that are already installed on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

6. To add a new source, select Edit in the upper right corner.

7. Now select Add in the upper left corner.

8. This will bring up a pop-up in which you can enter the url for the source. Do not delete the http://. Just begin typing the url after the http://. The source url needs to be typed into your iPhone/iPod Touch perfectly. The source url is repo666.ultrasn0w.com. The o in snow in actually a zero. If you put on o, it will not work.

9. Once the url has been entered, select Add Source.

10. Wait for the sources to update. Once the sources are finished updating, select the Return to Cydia option at the bottom of the page.

11. This will bring you back to the list of sources. Select Done in the upper right corner.

12. The source has now been added to your sources list. Tap on the repo666.ultrasn0w.com source.

13. Select the ultrasn0w application.

14. Select Install in the upper right corner.

15. Select Confirm in the upper right corner.

16. Wait for ultrasn0w to install. Select Return to Cydia.

17. Restart your Device (hold power and home button at the same time).

18. Your iPhone will now be unlocked. You can remove the SIM from the top of the device and insert a new one. You may need to restart your iPhone after inserting the new SIM. Below are screenshots of an iPhone with no service, no SIM, searching for service after inserting the new SIM and finally the iPhone with service after inserting the new SIM.

ultrasnownoservice ultrasn0wnosim ultrasnowsearching ultrasnowservice

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  1. SimplyTom says

    On step 18 it says; “You can remove the SIM from the top of the device and insert a new one.” What sim are you refering to?


    • LOL…..your sim card…the one that u are using to make phone call lol….

    • smackiesfunkies says

      they’re talking about a official carrier simr…if u don’t have a official sim to use make sure u have wifi available to use cydia and download ultrasn0w or ur stuck with a AT&T jailbroke iPhone :]

    • Please bear with me as this jailbreak is new to me. If I have an iPhone aren’t I locked in to AT&T service for two years ? Why would i need to unlock it if I am locked in. I understanding adding winterboard, etc. but how can I bypass the AT&T service / I am waiting before getting an iPhone. Thanks,

  2. hi thanks alot for this tutorial! so this will not crach the iphone? and you dont have to change the baseband or anything just upgrade regulary from itunes then jailbreak then unlock?

    could you do a jailbreak tutorial for redsn0w? (windows)! i would love it very much! ill do all this in 2 weeks when im back from the vaccation :D

    • If you have a 3G iPhone…all you need to do is upgrade to firmware 3.0 using iTunes. Then use redsn0w to jailbreak you iPhone 3G and then follow this tutorial. You should be fine. It worked great when we tested it.

  3. I have my 3Gs and its useless without the unlock… Is there one coming out soon for 3Gs? I had to get rid of my 3G for a 3Gs..

  4. works perfectly.
    On O2 in the UK, just tried it with my work’s T-Mobile sim.
    Works a treat! no more getting ripped off by O2 with £700 roaming charges!!

  5. Hi,

    would the unlock change anything with the baseband?? cause i know from older unloacks that you cant do anu OS updates once its unlocked, so with ultrasnow, would i be able to update the firmware through itunes normally after its being unlocked??

  6. bluedrpepper says

    AT&T and T-Mobile are the only two carriers that use sims right. Hope you like your 3GS, I need to wait for better pricing.

  7. Tomas Jansson says


    The tutorial is pretty straight forward, but I get an error when trying to install Ultrasn0w or any other application from Cydia. The error I get is in step 16 in this tutorial and the message is:
    “Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)”.
    In the background (where the progress is shown) I read the following:
    “dpkg: parse error, in file ‘/var/lib/dpkg/status’ near line26 package ‘firmware’.
    duplicate value for user-defined field ‘Name'”.

    Has anyone got this error and solved it?

    • Try this from Terminal on your iPhone:

      $ su –
      (enter your root passwd – alpine if you haven’t changed it)
      # apt-get clean
      # apt-get update

      This might fix it, or show you what is the real problem with Cydia. I had a case where Cydia was crashing upon startup and it was because of an inconsistency with the apt database (fixed by following the above).

    • Gracey02 says

      I got same problem too!!!! :( after my Iphone 3g/ OS 3 jailbreaked and open Cydia ) to unlock using Ultrasn0w…got problem with

      Step 9. strat my problem…….Once the url has been entered, select Add Source.

      ..promt error.. this source not found….

      please help!!!

    • Tomas Jansson says

      @Kayvan: The thing was that I couldn’t install anything, not even the terminal.

      However, I found a solution somewhere on the internet and it was pretty simple. When jailbreaking you phone, don’t NOT install icy. That solved it for me. Note that the ICY icon will still be on your iphone if you installed earlier.

      Hope it helps.

    • Tomas Jansson says

      Please reply with the result so other people can find the solution.

  8. can you use this also fore your 2g iphone ?

  9. hey I’m selling my 3g as soon as the 3gs becomes jailbreakable. My question is since I’m selling my 3g to a Sprint customer (my sister) can u download ultrasn0w and toggle it or will the phone just let u switch from different carriers on its own without problem. I just wanted to show her that the sprint sim will work but will be using mine hopefully for not much longer. And will the phone sync to itunes with this hack?

  10. I jailbroke and unlocked three of my friends iPhone 3G for them. The first two worked perfect, and they are both on T-Mobile, and I figured out how to get picture messaging working on their phones without even using swirly, it uses the mms settings of the phone (camera to the left of the text field like originally planned by AT&T). The thirs phone however, after I jailbroke it and unlocked it, I rebooted it and it said searching and then after about 30-45 seconds it said no service, and I tried three different times on his phone and still same problem…..anyone else have this problem or know someone who is?? And did they fix it??

    Also my sister has iPhone 3G on AT&T, I jailbroke hers, and got the camera to show up in the messagin function however, still havent found a set of settings that work yet.

    I have an iPhone first gen and do not have the mms settings option under cellular data network like the 3G does….so I am still going to have to use swirly unless someone comes along and figures out why AT&T is being dumb……

  11. Cheers mate worked a treat in the UK now got a 3G 3.0 on Orange :)

  12. if the iphone is locked, and you jailbreak it, then you get to the springboard or not???
    i have a 1st gen iphone and its locked so i only see emergency call and the sign to connect to itunes.

  13. Rui Silva says


    I have a question. Remember a while back when people had problems with Yellowsn0w? I’m wondering if you can delete or uninstall Ultrasn0w if you run into problems? The answer is probably yes, and you will end up with a locked iphone 3G (to Vodafone in my case), but will it affect in anyway the jailbreak?

    Thanks for your replies.

  14. Hi.

    I followed all the steps but my sim card does not show up for the service,i even tried taking out the sim and putting it back in and turning the phone off and then on and nothing.

    And i have a Cingular Sim.

    Can anyone help me out?


  15. Hi…I am stuck and have definitely paniced as I haven’t been able to use my iphone for two days–yes, serious withdrawals. Here is my dillema…

    1. Purchased a 3g iphone and was too excited to follow all the directions, needless to say I did not disable my 3g as a TMobile user, nor did I download “ultrasn0w.” and now I have no service.

    Please HELP a totally excited, iphone loving idiot…iMomma!

  16. Frank a.k.a. Murray says

    Can an Iphone 3G be unlocked to use on the Verizon network in USA New York area ???

  17. I did all the steps, but getting no service!

  18. there are thousands peoples all overe the world that have this problem with 3g BB 5.9 please help us to unlock. please help us

  19. Hi

    I followed this tutorial to the letter and no errors came up but when I insert my sim it just says “searching….” and nothing happens..
    please help!
    im in the UK on O2 baseband..(i think thats modem firmware but im not sure..): 05.11.07 and on firmware 3.0..on an iphone 3g…
    please help!

  20. Hi,

    Can anyone confirm if the unlock works in Australia???

  21. I have a Question. I unlocked my Iphone with my Current SIM card in..Now it just goes into Searching. Now CAN I continue too use the SAME SIM Card that I’ve Always used..OR..will I need to use a DIFFERENT one.