Apple Changes iPhone 3G S to iPhone 3GS

I can not tell you how happy it makes me to see that Apple is quietly (yes, quietly) changing the name of the iPhone 3G S to the iPhone 3GS. I have actually been watching this for a couple of days now. It started with their Press Releases and News Headlines. I was waiting until they made changes on their actual website before writing anything. Last night, they finally changed their iPhone 3GS information page to say iPhone 3GS instead of iPhone 3G S.

I personally think it is a smart move in many ways; most people were already writing it that way, it helps with correct search results and it keeps me from having to double tag everything! :) Last night, there were still a few place on the website where it said iPhone 3G S but, this morning it looks like they have almost the entire website changes to iPhone 3GS. Good job Apple!

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  1. ktmobile24 says

    Why do we care about that? You should have been using does days trying help figuring out how to jailbreak the the 3G S, oopps, I mean the 3GS.

    • Since when has Brooke been involved in figuring out any jailbreaks? People are so impatient sometimes. The only reason that I still would like to have the jailbreak now is for the themes. Being able to tether was my main reason before, but now I don’t even have to jailbreak to make that work.

    • Yep, figuring out a jailbreak is definitely not my deal…that is up to the Dev-Team. I’m sure they are working hard on it.

  2. EMTsimpson says

    I don’t see why it wasn’t named “3GS” to begin with… Very smart move.

  3. I hope Mike gets a permanent ban for posting what he did!!! Totally uncalled for!!!

    • Stevey101 says

      Who’s Mike, or did his comment get deleted. If that is the case then yours an mine should too, to prevent us from sounding strange :p

    • It did get deleted, in fact may never have actually been visible on here, but I got it via my RSS feed in Mail.

      Anyone who knows me already thinks I am strange, so I don’t care if several thousand more do as well. :)

  4. They haven’t changed it on the Find my iPhone page on yet.

  5. This is kinda bad. Now I’m not gonna know when people are trying to type iPhone 3GS (the plural of iPhone 3G) or iPhone 3GS (an actual iPhone 3GS). I’m still gonna type iPhone 3G S to avoid confusion. Personally, I think the 3G should be called an iPhone, and the 3G S should be called an iPhone Pro. That would be so much better…once again, personally.

    • Surely the plural of iPhone 3G would be distinguished by a final lowercase s as in ‘my two iPhone 3Gs’.



  6. Haha, I thought the author was being sarcastic when I first started reading the article.

  7. Okay if the Iphone 3G should be called an iphone and 3GS an iphone pro, what do I call my iphone 1G? “Iphone Amateur”?