Left-Handed Slide to Unlock

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Slide To The Left Doug and I have a friend who recently purchased an iPod Touch. After doing so, one of the first things he asked us is if there was a way to have the “Slide to Unlock” go the opposite direction. I was like, why in the world would you want that? Apparently it is more natural to slide from right to left for a left-handed person. Well, it turns out that there is indeed a hack that changes the slide to unlock direction…who knew! (Probably all the left-handed people!)

If you are left handed, you can install a package called Slide To The Left via the PwnCenter source. This mod will change your “Slide to Unlock” so that you slide from right to left instead of the stock left to right. The mod the slider on the lock screen and the Slide to Power Off slider. It is not nearly as smooth and the stock slider but, it gets the job done. Now all we have to do is convince our friend to jailbreak his iPod Touch…I give him a few more weeks…than he’ll cave! :)

Note: This mod uses WinterBoard…where it can easily be enabled/disabled.


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  1. I’m left handed, and when doug tweeted about it yesterday i didnt even know he would find one! haha wow

  2. it looks so odd

  3. So the “Tap to Unlock” is for the “middle handed”?

  4. hawesome find! installed and lovin it

    • bah.. uninstalled. I tried it with several different theme configurations.. and it just doesn’t work correctly. (at least on mine)

      no matter where you touch.. along the slide channel.. it seems to jump to the end.. so if you forget.. and actually slide the normal way.. it still unlocks.. it does not respond the same way the ‘normal’ way does…

    • I agree. It doesn’t “slide”. Wherever you click, it just jumps to the other side and unlocks. Oh well … it was a good idea.

  5. Cydia is crashing everytime I open it I just stated today I had 3.0 for a time now does anyone have the same problem