More Features for Facebook 3.0 Update – Video Upload

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

facebook Yesterday, Doug wrote about the Facebook 3.0 update and all the cool new features that it is going to have. Well, it seems the developer is still hard at work and if those new features weren’t enough, he has also integrated video upload ability into the 3.0 update. I have a feeling he has made a lot of iPhone 3GS users happy with the new feature. He also said, “Nothing like a few bazillion emails, tweets, and blog comments to motivate you to sneak in a few extra features at the last minute.” We don’t know what the “few extra features” are but, so far, he is off to a great start! Keep up the good work!

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  1. Sweet

  2. Good news for 3GS owners, will it be good news for 3G Cycorder owners as well? Let’s hope so.

  3. ichoppryde says

    That is great news I would much rather wait a few more days and get video upload and maybe being able to see groups as well before getting this new update. So once its released this thing will be amazing I am so excited for it I like the current facebook app but it still feels handicapped with this update its going to be insane!

  4. Doug in his review wrote “coming soon” and you are writing “available”

  5. I hope he is throwing in a Landscape Keyboard. I haven’t seen this mentioned anywhere in the FB3.0 Update! This is badly needed!