SpotBright – Makes Spotlight Search Launch Hidden Apps

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SpotBright SpotBright is an application that was created to enhance the Spotlight search feature on firmware 3.0. The app allows hidden apps to be launched and “keeps a list of recently launched applications, so you can use them at a moment’s notice.”

When I tested this app, the ability to launch hidden applications worked great. My hidden applications showed up in my Spotlight search and I was able to tap on them and they launched.

The other feature of SpotBright is that it displays little icons of the six most recently launched applications on the Spotlight search page of your SpringBoard (see screenshot below). This allows you to quickly launch applications that you have just used.

Note: If one of your recently launched applications is SBSettings, it will display as a plain white icon.

The Spotlight application is basically a replacement for QuickGold on firmware 3.0. According to BigBoss SpotBright will gradually be updated to include features that QuickGold has. If you are on firmware 2.x, you will still want to use QuickGold and not SpotBright.

You can get SpotBright via the BigBoss source.


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  1. I love this, now I can search apps I have in Categories :)

  2. spotbright seems to work, but typing in “cy” seems to force a reset and then the error screen – other cydia apps seem to worl – tried categories – ipod touch 2g 8gig os3.0

    • whitetigerx says

      I’m an iPhone developer, I’ve been trying to find a workaround for your issue. It seems to happen when applications are stored in Categories and searched for beyond the memory allowance of Spotlight itself.

      For me, I have over 800 applications on my iPhone and so Spotlight crashes because there are too many results. I tried searching for system applications by pasting and this also causes a crash, this could be related permissions.

      Keep an eye out and I’ll try to find a solution.

      — White Tiger x

  3. john bracken says

    do anybody iphone running 3.0 jailbreak get pausing when u use the bluetooth audio stream through a car sterio,like the sync in fusion or lincolns?

  4. Works great but disables web clips on the spring board from launching. Confirmed by uninstalling and reinstalling spot bright. 3gs w/purplera1n.

    • Same here! 3G 3.0

    • Doug Knowles says

      Temporary Work around…. If you Have SBSettings installed you can toggle spotbrite in the mobile substrate options…

    • Same problem and also phone goes into safe mode again and again. Before installing it phone was working smooth.

    • Wish I would have read these comments before I did a restore to get my web clips working again!

  5. B. Rizzle says

    I’m happy to see this finally make it. I was holding off using categories until this was released. Now I can clean up my springboard.

  6. Sweet. Btw to solve the white icon issue when SBSettings is in your recent apps list… just SSH into your phone and drop an icon.png into /Applications/

  7. Is this working on the 3GS…I just jailbroke via the Dev-Team and want this on my phone!