FontSwap Update – Fixes Default Alignment Issues

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

FontSwap The update to version 1.5 of FontSwap does a few things. First off, it adds a new Restore Default Fonts option which allows you to change all fonts back to default at once (instead of having to go into each option and change them back to default one at a time). It also fixes the default alignment issues. Now, when you go back to the default system font, the badge, time…etc are all aligned correctly. YAY!

I am still having an issue with the non-default fonts and their alignment, they still seem to be off a few pixels. Hopefully we will see an update that fixes this as well but for now, at least the defaults are back to normal.


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  1. Can’t find FontSwap in default repos. Does anyone know which one should I add?

  2. Still doesn’t fix all the other fonts….although, if anyone is looking for 3.0 fonts, I would suggest going to and searching the forums.

  3. my korean keyboard does not work after i installed fontswap

  4. I changed my font to a super mario bros. font. Its cool, but found it hard to read. font swap WILL NOT let me restore default font. I have tried everything, but my font wont change. It will not let me select a system font all together. NEED HELP!