Supreme Preferences Three – Additional Settings for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Supreme Preferences Three I started this review before we went on vacation last week and didn’t get a chance to finish it… that it why you are just getting it now.

If you have been on for a while now, you probably already know my feelings on Supreme Preference type applications… I am very leery of them, always test them on a test device and hardly ever put them on my personal iPhone. So, when I saw that Supreme Preferences Three had been released, I was skeptical once again. Supreme Preferences Three boasts that it gives your iPhone and/or iPod Touch 100 new features. I am not going to run through all 100 feature but, I will give you some of them and then you can see the rest in the screenshots.

When you first install Supreme Preferences, you will need to activate it via WinterBoard. Once you do, you will notice that your stock Settings application icon has been changed to the Supreme Preferences Three icon. When you open the Settings application there will be a new Supreme Preferences option.

supremepreferencesthree1 supremepreferencesthree1-1 supremepreferencesthree supremepreferencesthree2

The Supreme Preferences have been broken up into seven categories; Applications, Home, iPod, Mobile Substrate, Status Bar, System and About.


In the Applications option you will find new settings for Mail, Calendar, Phone, Safari, Messages, Photos, Store and More. A few of the settings that I really like are; the ability to download more than 200 messages into your email, the ability to change the amount of preview lines for emails, the addition of the Find in Page plugin in Safari, the ability to turn off the text preview when you get a new text message, the ability to change the transition from photo to photo while playing a slide show and the ability to turn off the Trigonometic Mode on the Calculator (though this feature didn’t seem to work). But, that is only a few of the available options below are screenshots of all of them.


Mail, Calendar:
supremepreferencesthree5 supremepreferencesthree6 supremepreferencesthree7 supremepreferencesthree8 supremepreferencesthree9 supremepreferencesthree10 supremepreferencesthree11 supremepreferencesthree12 supremepreferencesthree13 supremepreferencesthree14 supremepreferencesthree15 supremepreferencesthree16



supremepreferencesthree19 supremepreferencesthree20

supremepreferencesthree21 supremepreferencesthree22 supremepreferencesthree23 supremepreferencesthree24


supremepreferencesthree26 supremepreferencesthree26-1

In the Home option there are quite a few options. The option that I really like is the ability to change the home button double-tap to any app you would like…Stock, App Store, Cydia or a Website.

supremepreferencesthree3 supremepreferencesthree27 supremepreferencesthree28 supremepreferencesthree29

In the iPod option, you have the ability to on/off quite a few options including; Playlists, Lyrics, Sync Compilations, Shake to Shuffle, Album Cover Panel, Lock Screen Controls (which are nice!)…etc.

supremepreferencesthree3 supremepreferencesthree30 supremepreferencesthree31 supremepreferencesthree32 supremepreferencesthree33

In the Mobile Substrate option there are options like, hiding page indicators, turning off the ability to rearrange and delete icons and the ability to have the iPod Controls pop-up anytime by double-tapping the Home Button.

Note: Do not change the amount of icons in the dock using this app…that feature does not work.

supremepreferencesthree3 supremepreferencesthree34 supremepreferencesthree35 supremepreferencesthree36 supremepreferencesthree37

In the Status Bar option you can change your carrier name and add a fake time. You can also turn on/off numerical signal bars, Wi-Fi bars and Battery percentage. All of which worked fine for me.

supremepreferencesthree3 supremepreferencesthree42 supremepreferencesthree43

In the System option can adjust things like Brightness, Auto-Dim and Auto-Lock settings, Touch settings…etc.

supremepreferencesthree3 supremepreferencesthree38 supremepreferencesthree39 supremepreferencesthree40

The About section will give you the developer’s twitter account, the ability to donate and the credits.

supremepreferencesthree3 supremepreferencesthree41

I actually tested a few of the Supreme Preferences Settings and only had issues with a few of the things I tested (it was tested on an iPhone 3G on 3.0 firmware). The ability to turn on/off the Trigonometic calculator mode didn’t seem to work and the ability to change the amount of icons in the dock definitely did not work. Let me know in the comments if you were brave enough to give Supreme Preferences Three a try and what you think of it. You can get Supreme Preference Three via the modmyi source.

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  1. If you have the old Supreme Preferences, do NOT upgrade. This really messed up my iPod Touch (2G) When I upgraded, and I had to restore!

  2. I installed on my 3GS with no problems, which i’m glad of because i hate resotring. But I have disabled in WB because I dint really seem tonier any ofnthe features. Also I have noticed two issues. One it disables the double tap home button, when music is playing, to open the controls in any app. Also it seemed to be changing the toggle for repeat alert for messages. I would turn it off but then it would be back on again later on. I don’t know wheter I was using both messages section in settings and the supreme prefs option.

  3. I have had it installed on my phone for a few days now and aside from the iPod controls being disabled, it has worked well for me. A quick fix to the iPod control issue is to go into Mobile subtrate and select Supreme substrate, there you can turn on iPod controls and they will ALWAYS pop up on home double tap. The only thing is you lose whatever shortcut it was you had set up before….other then that, it all works well…

    Word of advice though, DONT play with the touch settings unless you know what you are doing……

  4. you have a screenshot of ur phone number…

  5. I try to change the numer of dock icon an it’s working for me , now I have 7 icons on my dock

  6. geowarrior says

    Great review,

    I have also found that the dock icon feature worked fine for me, but I had no other dock icon tweeks installed. Post installation I tried installing ‘stack’ but then things got a little messy.

    Overall the amount of features it gave were very good. I personally found my iphone became less responsive in general and have since uninstalled, this may not be due to this application but rather once step too many for my phone which is laden with goodies :-)

    Definately worth a look

  7. Yes it’s installed but disable with sbsetting

  8. iFoneGooner says

    Hi, I am confused ‘cos I cannot find Supreme Preferences Three on Cydia OR ICY and I have used my search facility as well as trawling through my ‘all packages’ section. I have refreshed both Cydia and Icy but still no joy – oh and yes I do have modmyi source installed. I have a 3GS as well – any assistance would be appreciated ;-)

  9. Why can’t I see it do download in Cydia?

  10. crisiscore says

    cant seem to find the 3.0 version… someone help plz…

  11. The 3.0 version was recently pulled off cydia. iMario is planning on releasing a cleaner version of this called Supreme S, however, it will cost $2…

    • toNYc311 says

      I was wondering why I couldn’t find it. Looks like more and more developers are going the paid route. I just saw my fave theme on Cydia called iElegance PRO. It’s a paid theme now. Though it looks really hot. I might even consider it….

  12. so we can’t download it now from cydia?

  13. I love the new supreme security feature which prevents apps from being deleted or rearranged…been using this on my 3gs for a couple weeks now and have nothing negative to say about it, PS to change the icon….replace the icon.png with whatever u want but it has to be named icon.png located in themes section of library.

  14. Hello, i have a problem during the instalation of supreme preferences, in stage of installing it, there is a note: “the requested modifications cannot be applied due to requiered dependences or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed”, the problem is that aparentlly there is a dependence with the iphone 3.0 firmware. Thank you very much for any help.

  15. You can download it through the xsellize repo. Everything seems to work as long as you reboot the phone.

  16. iFoneGooner says

    Hi everyone, well at least I know now why I cannot see it in Cydia ;-) Personally speaking I have been paying for all kinds of jail broken stuff, MySMS, Intellidial and I regularly donate when I like an app. So this surge of paid stuff does not worry me because if you pay for stuff, at least when there are problems you can beef about it to the developer!! When stuff is free I tend to think it mean to complain ;-)

  17. you can get it via the xsellize source. you can also get the beta of stack v.3 from the xsellize source.

  18. Thank you very much Kroo, i downloaded Supreme Preferences from the xsellize source and it is working perfectly on my iphone, i have only one doubt, whats that of “touch” options?.

    Thank you Jake for the tip of stack beta, but i will wait to it finall release.

  19. Great review can’t wait to try it out!

    And Brooke, not to nag, but as a ‘Leary’ the word you wanted to use is ‘leery’. ;)

  20. can not find Supreme Preferences Three in Cydia, I have iPhone 3G 3.0 Wy, plz help me

    • You must become a member of and then install the xsellize source, following the instructions(not quite the same as installing other sources), before you will see the pkg.

    • The Punisher says

      The author took it out of the regular repo as an unknown setting (or settings) caused issues resulting in users having to restore and setting their iPhones up from scratch.

  21. The Punisher says


    After fixing the issues, he placed it in Cydia Store.

    However, there is no way of knowing if SP3.0 in xSellize is the fixed or the buggy version, as it was in xsellize before it was pulled from modmyi.

  22. I have installed it on my 4.2.1 firmware it won’t show on the menu it does activate when I choose it but I can’t get it . What’s the reason is it the new firmware? I have it on my brothers 4.1 firmware it shows normally can u help me

  23. Yeah I’m having the same problem… I’m using iOS 4.2.1 and it isn’t showing in my setting menu. If anybody knows why please help us by posting a suggestion below!!

  24. I’m also having the same problem. It’s not showing in my settings. It worked on firmware 4.0.1 but since I have to restore and upgrade to 4.2.1 it won’t show anymore. What is the problem? Help :(

  25. i´m having exactly the same problem. i have 4.2.1