HexSet – Connect Four iPhone Style

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

HexSet HexSet is Connect Four for the iPhone and iPod Touch. I don’t know about you guys but, I love Connect Four! It totally brings me back to the good ol’ days when my sister and I spent many an hour playing Connect Four (we even had a little travel Connect Four game to play in the car)… oh the memories. So, as you can image, I was pretty excited to see HexSet.

The object of the game is very straight forward, line up four of your pieces in a row (diagonal, horizontal or vertical) however, at the same time, you need to block your opponent from getting four of their pieces in a row.

HexSet does have a few Settings (which can be launched by tapping the “i” icon). In the Setting you are able to choose between one player or two players, choose from 5 difficulty levels, choose the color of your pieces, choose your turn (play first, play second, switch and random), turn off/on the sound and turn on/off the texture (the texture on the playing “board”).

I like that you are able to play against both the computer (one player) and another person (two players). I also found that the difficult levels were pretty accurate and I found myself being challenged by the 3rd difficulty level. I am not a huge fan of the sounds… I actually turned them off. Also, back in the day, my Connect Four game didn’t have off-set rows but, that is no big deal.

Overall, I was satisfied with HexSet… it has as many features as a Connect Four app can have, it is easy to navigate and the game play is about as good as it gets. Not the sleekest design but, it gets the job done. For me, this is most definitely a game I will come back to… Connect Four without all the little pieces, doesn’t get any better!



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