iTypeFastR – Additional Keyboard – Now 3.0 Compatible

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free Trial then $3.99  

iTypeFastR I remember iTypeFastR, an additional keyboard, from the 2.x days (though, I don’t remember it being a paid app back then) and it seems the app has been updated to version 1.2.1 which now supports the 3.0 firmware. Once installed, you have a 21 day trial in which to test out the keyboard after that, the app must be registered for $3.99 USD.

To activate iTypeFastR, open the keyboard and select the Globe icon in the lower left corner. This will bring you to the iTypeFastR keyboard. To get back to your stock keyboard, go into the number section of the iTypeFastR keyboard and then select the Globe icon.

Personally, I just cant do it! The keyboard is just too weird but, maybe it is just the thing you are looking for. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Description of iTypeFastR:
“iTypeFastR is an app for iPhone, that adds a special keyboard. The keyboard allows you to type faster and with less typos, because on average the keys are much larger. This keyboard makes better use of the available room on the screen. Often used letters are used more then less used ones. On average, you therefor hit bigger buttons”

1.2.1 Change Log:
– Compatibility with iPhone firmware 3.x (OS 3). This is the most important part, and was quite complicated to get fixed
– We got rid of two emoticons on the numeric screen. Many of you requested to increase the size of the spacebar and decrease that of the emoticons, so we did.

– We did many improvements on the landscape screen. It is much much better now
– We got rid of the ‘peel back animation’ between the keyboard to give it a more clean look – We introduced a small ’emboss’ on all the keys to make it look slightly better

– N : 3 pixels less at the bottom (coordinates file only)
because the ‘N’ was sometimes outputted when ‘space’ was meant


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  1. William Ordoñez says

    How useful is this really? I’m so used to the iPhone’s keyboard that I’m not sure of this is going to be another keyboard that I’ll have to get used to again or even quicker.

  2. alan flowerman says

    Hi William. It is a good keyboard. Go try it for free. I bought it quite a while ago and I only have one complaint. It took too long for it to get update for the 3.0 firmware.
    Given a choice of the Apple keyboard or iTypeFasteR I’ll go for the latter. However there is a better keyboard BUT it is not systemwide YET. If I can get the developer to sort that he”s got the best keyboard on the market for the Iphone.
    Alan f

    • Yablonsky says

      Which one is the BEST one?

    • alanflowerman(at) says

      Hi William & Yablonsky
      In reply to your question which is the best keyboard?
      Go and try “fastmail’ By Aram julhakyan. It will cost you $0.99 in Apples AppStore
      Quick Review:
      As you write the program shows you the words that are most likely to match what you want to write.
      This improves you writing speed and reduces spelling mistakes. Bigger keyboard
      Write in landscape mode.
      FastMail gives the user the possibility to save text snippets in a fast and easy way, making writing texts even faster. Ones a text template is saved it can be used whenever you want.
      I did a very quick workout on the amount of hits on a keyboard and I hit 30% less keys.
      The only drawback is that it is not system wide yet.
      If you get it send me a mail and let me know what you think
      kind regards
      Alan F

  3. Hi, I am the publisher of iTypeFastR. It was paid in the earlier versions as wel. We gave away the first 10.000 but always said it would cost usd 3.99 after that.
    But 20 days is enough to find out if you loved it or not, we think. 45.000 users have so far!

    • I would definetly like the keyboard a lot more if it had the colour style of the usual iPhone keybourd.

      For me this is to colourful.

    • 45,000 may have downloded it for the trial period but how many actually paid for it later would be a better guage of success.

    • Stefan, thank you for clearing that up. That is probably why I do not remember paying for it…I was probably in that first 10,00 when it was first released.

  4. Hi. Does anyone know if chromium KeyBoard is available for 3.0 or any keyboard mod like it for that matter? Thanks, Jeff

  5. Hi Brook,

    I’m having an issue with the app as i cant find the globe icon on it.

    I only have two options when i open the app which are: license agreement and purchase and activate.

    Can you help?

    thank you,


  6. Finally got v1.1.2 installed, and it works on my 3GS. Will take some getting used to, but I think it’s kind of cool.

    Correction doesn’t seem to work. Hope that can be added in in the future.

    Additional key options don’t work either, like press and hold period for . . . , press and hold letters for accented language letters, etc. Hope that can be added in also.

    I would also like skin options: basic iPhone colors, other alternatives . . .

    Very nice effort, all in all!

  7. i think the orig apple landscape keyboard is perfect. im so used to blind writing on it that this would just cause a mess.

    but it might be quite practical for some users if they get used to it.

  8. mark boyce says

    I tried this kb, didn’t really like it as it turns autocorrect off, even though it was still set to on. Anyway to turn that back on when using it?

  9. Far too weird for me, tried it and removed it in less than 15 minutes.

  10. uhmmm I dont like it at all…!! it doesnt make it faster…!

  11. eYePhone says

    yet again another useless app. dont bother with this app waste of time and money. another App designed for money* save money and time dont buy.