RedLaser – Scan Barcodes and Get Realtime Prices

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

RedLaser RedLaser is an application that scans the barcode of a product and then searches for that product and it’s prices.

When you open the app, you can begin by scanning an item. To do so just select the lighting icon on the lower menu bar which will open a screen where you can scan the barcode. You will need to line up the edges of the bar code within the arrows… the bar code needs to be upright. Once the edges are lined up, the arrows will turn green. Hold it still a split second longer (after the arrows are green) and it will automatically scan the barcode. It can be a little tricky at first but, after a few tries you will have it down. You can also manually take a picture of the bar code using the Camera button.

After the barcode has been scanned, you will instantly get a description of the product, a picture of the product (if available), a list of websites in which you can buy the product (including each website’s price of the product) and the ability to search Amazon for the product. If the barcode was not found, you will get a message saying, “No matching products found.”

From the main menu, you can email the entire list of products you have scanned, get help, delete products from the list of scanned items or manually enter a barcode number.

I starting testing this app by scanning some food items and I quickly got addicted. I ended up going all around scanning anything that had a bar code! I was impressed with how easily, quickly and accurately it scanned barcodes. Out of all the items I scanned, were only two in which the app did not find. I did have to rescan a few items before it found them but, overall, it worked great. One thing I would definitely like to see change is that the webpages would open inside of the application instead of opening in Safari. You can get RedLaser via the BigBoss source.

Note: This app is currently a beta.

Another Note: If you go into your stock Settings application and tap on RedLaser, you are able to change the country and the currency. It currently supports USD, GBP and EUR along with the countries; Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States.


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  1. I love this app! It works surprisingly well even when the photo is blurry.

  2. Junaid A. says

    Thanks for the review, the app works great! i know the earlier version (in the appstore never worked) this one is much better now, and free!

  3. This is pretty cool, I have tested it on a few things and it works good. One thing strange is that out of 3 iPhone boxes (a 1st gen, 3G and 3GS) it only recognized the 1st gen one. But that is the only box from America which may be why.


  5. This a great app. tested on iPhone 3G via AT&T.

  6. whats the diff b/t this one and the one in app store?

    • sean novak says

      appstores version is about 3 updates behind PLUS it costs.

      Also on another note, app doesn’t work in UK properly. doesn’t recognise a lot of items.

    • go into and go down to the redlaser section. then change the settings to:

      Currency – GBP
      Amazon – United Kingdom

      have found very few things that won’t be recognised (I live in the UK too)

  7. thats the way uh hu uh hu we likeeeee it? what are you talking about i never said that!!!!!!

  8. It says for 3g & 3gs. Installed on a 1st gen and it works great.

  9. Holy crap this version works A LOT better. I had the App Store one for a while and it only worked on certain items in my house. The beta immediately picked up some random things in my room that I couldn’t identify before.

  10. Works well. I scanned my dog’s bag of treats but it wasn’t found.. lol! I did scan my 1.5TB external HDD box and it found a ton of them and my blu-ray drive box. I’m so going to try this out and Bestbuy and Barnes & Noble tomorrow.

  11. how to i find whats the file path from root?

    and i assume it would be CAD and Canada???

  12. Hi in Germany i have no results for scanning with food and some other things,great app but doesnt work for me in germany.Greetings NOB

    • Go into the your stock Settings application under the RedLaser option and change it from United States to Germany. Then it should work. I forgot to put that in the post. I will add it.

    • Good Work ,thanks very much works for books DVD and anything else for food no results.Greetings NOB

  13. IT WORKED!!!!
    On TMobile 1st gen iphone
    Much better then the amazon app.

  14. Well they have proved they can do it…now they just need to update the AppStore one.

  15. This post is really old but i just wanted to say i love this app and see tremendous potential.

    I would love to see it turned into a sort of DVDaf or Flixter type thing where you scan the barcode of your DVDs or Video Games and they store your collection for reference with the boxart and such.

  16. Can someone pls post the resource for this ? I tried BigBoss & Planet-iPhones: but its not working. Thank you!