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Billminder BillMinder a, feature-packed, personal bill assistant, is being updated to version 2.0. The update includes a nice user interface update as well as some cool new features that are yet to be disclosed. I had a chance to check out version 2.0 of the app and was impressed with the functionality of the app… I think I have finally found the bill organizing app I have been looking for! The app is currently $0.99 and the upgrade to version 2.0 will be free for those who have already purchased the application. It has already been submitted to the App Store so we should see the update in the next week or so. Below is a feature list, preview view and screenshots.




BillMinder simplifies your life by tracking your bills. It is your feature-packed, personal bill assistant. BillMinder was the first bill tracking tool available on the App Store and continues to innovate with new features (suggested by our wonderful users). Here are just some of the features in this version:

– Calendar View!
– PUSH Notifications alert you when your bill nearing its due date (VERY small annual charge applies for this feature, does not auto-renew, billed through iTunes)
– Password protection
– Alerts! BillMinder alerts you when bills are due (open BillMinder to update the icon on your iPhone)
– Currency symbol automatically based on locale (“Region Format” in international settings on iPhone)
– Recurring bills (custom!)
– Manage collector (account) information
– Manage bill information
– Calculates bill amount totals (total, paid and unpaid)
– Categorize your collectors (accounts)
– Backup and restore to a file (guide available on forums)
– Export to Excel and Numbers compatible format (CSV)
– Record Paid Date
– Record Paid Amount
– Integration with PocketMoney for iPhone (lets you send bill data to Pocket Money!)
– Autopay can now optionally mark your bills paid on their due date for you (if you purchase PUSH Notifications, it will tell you if bills were autopaid as well)
– Updated history view

Push Notifications require us to host a server and constantly monitor it. For this reason we charge the minimum amount possible through iTunes. The charge is an annual charge that does not recur automatically. You must approve every charge and it is completely optional.


Tip: Click the “+” on the Collector screen to add Categories!

Tip: Go to Settings to specify how early you’re alerted about upcoming due dates.

Tip: Check collector history to see all of the bills associated with a collector! (check out the sample collector to see a sample bill)

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  1. Antonio Mendez Jr says

    Billminder should have a button that takes you to Today in their calendar.