Facebook 3.02 Update

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

Facebook Facebook was updated to version 3.02. The update has bug fixes and adds VoiceOver accessibility support.

After you update to 3.02, you may see a black bar on the home screen of the app. This is a slight bug. The black bar will go away if you do not use the application for one hour… yep, just let the app sit there unopened for an hour and it will go away. Or, you can uninstall and reinstall facebook and that will also fix the problem.

Original Tweets:
“Oh no. If you get a black bar on your home screen, it will go away if you don’t use the app for one hour (old settings cached).”

“I’m gonna be hearing about this black bar thing a lot :( Luckily it will fix itself, or you can re-install to fix it.”


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  1. didn’t get that black bar on mine.

  2. I tried the latest version and must say it has lots of improvement .. Though One big feature which latest version miss is profile information editing..I hope they will add this in upcoming version