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iDon’t Care – Reply to Verizon’s iDon’t Ad

##ICON_NAME## Ok guys, this video technically hit YouTube about a week ago but I thought I would post it for those of you who haven’t seen it. It is in reply to the Verizon Droid ad – “iDon’t.” It’s pretty fun. Ok honestly… I totally laughed out loud! :)
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GeoHot Does It! – blacksn0w Unlock Demo Video

##ICON_NAME## GeoHot has done it! He has successfully unlocked the 05.11.07 baseband (let’s hope he gets his $10,000!). The unlock is titled blacksn0w.

The unlock works on both the iPhone 3G and 3GS and will unlock to any carrier. It is estimated to be released on November 4th and sounds like it will be installed via the blackra1n jailbreak. Check out the demo video below.
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Meu – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## meutheme3 Meu is a WinterBoard theme that contains around 40 icons (some of which are alternate icons), wallpaper, dock, statusbar, badges and a lock screen battery. The stock theme does not contain a Calendar, Stocks or App Store icon. However, I made a few icons really quick that you can manually add to the theme (see below). The theme does contain a .psd icon template allowing you to create your own icons. You can get Meu via the iSpazio source.
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Jailbroken iPhone Beats New Droid Phone in Browser Speed Test

SafariThe newest device to run the Google Android software is being released on November 6th. Engadget has been posting video reviews of the device and in this video, shows a browser speed test. The iPhone wins even after being jailbroken which can cause the iPhone to run slower than stock.

Friday Night Movie Night: PhotoSpeak

Available In: App Store       Price: $2.99  

photospeakYet another funny video demo of an app. I can’t wait to test this one out on some friends! It lets you take a photo and make the eyes and mouth move to speech you’ve recorded. BTW, it’s in a different language :)


Friday Night Movie Night: 2009 Best Apple iPhone Costume Ever!

halloweenSince it’s Halloween, I thought this might be appropriate. Actually this is amazing and hilarious. The screens actually work live with the iPhone. Check the info after the video for specs.

TAMPA, FLA., Reko Rivera (Left) John Savio (Right) — World’s first award winning “working” iPhone costume created by Reko Rivera and John Savio. Specifications are 42″ Display, 1.5 Hours of Battery Life, 85 lb and the “real” iPhone can charge connected to the USB on the display. The two costumes have 3 batteries each with a total runtime of 4.5 hours before needing to be charged overnight. Please email us if you need any more information about the costume.

BACKSTORY — This all started two years ago Reko Rivera and Bobby Hartman created a wearable large iPhone costume with a real 37″ lcd tv. An iPod was attached with a looping video of a real iphones screen in normal use. This time with the help of John Savio and John Matthews the team created yet another amazing rendition of the new iPhone 3GS. Savio loved the original idea but wanted to take it to the next level and make it thinner and actually work with user input! With some heavy researching and some solid determination Savio finally found a solution. He managed to modify the software on the iPhone to allow a live dual image output to the large 42″ lcd tv while maintaining the image in landscape mode. Reko originally came up with the idea and really pushed to see his vision come to life two years ago. This year John and Reko plan to compete in most of the local and online contest to win back all the money they invested in the costumes. The team has about $2000 into the two costumes and has no regrets!

Friday Night Movie Night: TIMELAPSER

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

timelapserI know how much you guys love time lapse videos made from the iPhone. This one seemed to work pretty well and I just liked watching anything to do with ice since I’ve been sweating to death in Africa for the past week. :)


Rock Band On Sale – $6.99

Available In: App Store       Price: $6.99  

##ICON_NAME## Just a week and a half after it’s initial release, Rock Band is on sale. The popular game is on sale for $6.99 this week-end only. So, if the $9.99 launch price was a little steep for you, you could always pick it up while it is 30% off.

Rock Band
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Blacksn0w Unlock On It’s Way

##ICON_NAME## It seems that GeoHot may have found an exploit that will lead to an unlock for the 05.11.07 baseband. He has been looking for the exploit for a few days now and says that, “#blacksn0w is still a ways away…thats just PoC. and I’m kind of burnt out from that”
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EA Mobile – Command & Conquer RED ALERT

Available In: App Store       Price: Coming Soon  

##ICON_NAME## EA Mobile has been talking about their upcoming game Command & Conquer RED ALERT for a while now however, today they have launched a website with more information about the app –

Command & Conquer RED ALERT is due to be released this month which means it should hit the App Store in the next three days! No info on the price but, I’m guessing it will be another $9.99 release. Check out the video, screenshots and app description below.
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MotionDrum – Get Your Air Drumming On

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

MotionDrum MotionDrum is a pretty cool drum simulator. The thing that makes this application unique is how you play the drums. Instead of just tapping buttons on the screen, the applications takes advantage of the built-in accelerometer. You are able to easily play four percussion instruments by moving your iPhone up, down, left and right.

The app contains 40 different instruments to choose from ranging from three different bass drums options to a shaker to a three different varieties of a Tom. The set-up process is quick and easy… just choose which instrument you would like for each of the four motions (down, up, left and right) then select the volume and the sensitivity for each motion.
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Suave – WinterBoard Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## suave2 Suave is a very nicely designed WinterBoard theme by Thyraz. The theme contains 114 icons including; icons for all the stock applications, a few additional applications and quite a few alternate icons. The theme also includes a wallpaper, statusbar, page dots, badges and a dock. The icons for this theme are smaller than the stock icon size however, the theme contains mask that re-sizes all the icons to match… even icons that are not actually modded by the theme. It does not however, re-size web clip icons.

There is a .psd icon template located in the theme’s folder (Library/Themes/Suave.theme) for those of you who would like to create your own icons. For those of you who would rather not create your own icons, you can get additional icons by visiting the theme’s original post on MacThemes. Suave is available via the modmyi source.
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Sunstorm Interactive Launches Real Deer Hunting

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

##ICON_NAME## Today Sunstorm Interactive, the developer of the original PC Deer Hunter game, announced the release of Real Deer Hunting. Real Dear Hunting is a realistic hunting game that “boasts realistic deer behaviors, outstanding graphics, and the most immersive hunting experience available.” You can pick the game up for $0.99 the App Store (this is a limited-time, half-price launch sale).

“Real Deer Hunting tests players’ skill, patience, and persistence as they find themselves in realistic locations, using all the tools of the trade to bring in and bag that elusive monster buck. Playing the game is an incredible experience that closely simulates real-life hunting where you’ll need the same techniques and feel the same thrills as on opening day of deer season! Unmatched graphics and sounds, realistic deer behavior, rain and snow effects, use of rattling antlers or a buck grunt call will satisfy even the most diehard hunter.”

Real Deer Hunting
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GeoHot Looking into an Unlock for 05.11.07 Baseband

Quite a few people have been asking GeoHot, the developer of the blackra1n jailbreak, if he is going to look into an unlock… his answer is always a resounding, “No.


However, GeoHot has recently decided to look into an unlock for the 05.11.07 baseband. It seems that Jody Sanders, better known as the guy that sells the Dev-Teams unlocks, has offered GeoHot $10,000 to release the unlock.


If GeoHot does find an exploit for the unlock, it will be released to the community for free however, Sanders will continue to sell support for the the unlock to his customers.


According to GeoHot it should only take him a day or so to find the exploit. He started the search at 10:00pm EST last night.


So far, he still hasn’t found an exploit and is running out of places to look. We will just have to wait and see if he is able to find one!


Historic Earth – Overlay Historic Maps on Modern Maps

Available In: App Store       Price: $5.99  

Historic Earth Historic Earth is a unique mapping application that allows you to overlay historic maps on modern maps. The application uses the Historic Map Works, ” the world’s largest online collection of geo-coded historic maps,” database to find historical maps for cities and States around the United States.

Historic Earth allows you to map your current location, view features locations or search for a specific location.

Once a location has been found, you are given a list of the historic maps available for that specific location. When you select a map it will overlay the historic map on top of the current modern map. You can fade back a forth between the historic map and the modern map using the slider bar at the bottom of the page. This allows you to compare and contrast the two maps. You can also scroll, pan and zoom any map to explore it further. Quickly switch to the next map in the list by using the arrows at the top of the page.

If you are really looking for details… the information icon will give you the the date and title of the historic map as well as the exact Longitude and Latitude of the map.
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