WordWeaver – Word Game with a Twist

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WordWeaver WordWeaver is a word game with a twist. Like most boggle style word games, the object of WordWeaver is to create words from the letters provided, however WordWeaver adds an extra element with “a woven lattice board” that allows you to change specific letters. Another unique element is that each letter is given a point value (think Scrabble) which allows you to strategically create words worth more points. You are also able to unlock achievements, collect gems and coins, and deliberately use (or avoid) special tiles.

The game contains two game modes; Quick and Career. In Quick mod you play against a timer and in Career mode the object is to earn a specified amount of points, in a specific amount of time, in order to move onto the next level. The game also contains two board sizes; 4×4 and 5×5. You can view the achievements you have unlocked (as well as the ones you have not), Global High Scores and your Stats. The Stats features is pretty cool, it displays the longest word you have created, your highest scoring word, your highest score board, the most words you created in a game, the number of coins collected, the number of gems collected, your best career performance, what your current score and level are and the date you last played.

WordWeaver has a superb design and with all it’s unique features, it will keep you entertained and keep you coming back. This one is worth the $1.99 price tag.



App Store Description:

Uncover Aztec gold and ignite rings of fire on your quest to become a Master Weaver!

Experience the best of two game worlds – classic word creation and arcade puzzle. Weave your way through the challenging levels of this unique and addictive game set in an ancient tribal land.

WordWeaver adds the fun of Bejeweled™ to the word finder games like Quordy or wurdle. But WordWeaver introduces something unique – a woven lattice board. Manipulate it to reveal hidden letters, discover cool bonuses and earn extra points. At a loss for words? Weave your way out! WordWeaver brings a fresh face to fans of word games.

The current version of WordWeaver features:
– Multiple modes of game play
– 30 Level Career Quest
– Global and Friend Leaderboards
– Choice of board sizes
– Exciting bonuses
– Achievements
– Accelerometer Lattice Shake
– Online dictionary reference for the list of words you create
– Captivating original score and sound effects
– Addictive gameplay
– Brilliant graphics
– WordWeaver is OpenFeint enabled

Tip: It’s great to get Fire Rings but beware of the Death Omen!

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