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##ICON_NAME## fring, a “mobile social hub. Talk, chat & tweet on fring and other favorite social services including Skype®, MSN® Messenger, GoogleTalk™, Twitter, Yahoo! ™, AIM®, ICQ, all through one central profile,” has been updated in the App Store to version The new version adds a few new features including the implementation of the copy/paste and linking capabilities right in your chat. Below is more info about the update and a video demo.

fring has just released a slick, brand- new version ( with lots of new features available, including a new look, more integration between social networks, improved voice and much more.

The new version includes a new user profile, which allows you to update your fring nickname, avatar and mood text, and broadcast it back to your IM friends. You can also see your friends’ avatars and mood texts from other networks – currently on Skype, others coming soon.

You can also now use SkypeOut & SIP to call your friends directly from the fring address book with a much clearer line thanks to our voice team’s big effort to improve voice quality.

If that’s not enough we added copy/paste & linking capabilities to save you time while chatting away with your friends and speakerphone support for all voice calls.

German users can also now enjoy fring on iPhone/ iPod touch in their native language.


Demo Video:

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  1. Fring has the best Skype app. It’s even better than Skype’s own app. Here’s my input on just the Skype part of Fring.

    – Great sound quality
    – Loads quickly
    – Lets you dial numbers easily
    – Lets you edit phone numbers (which Skype won’t do)
    – You get an alert when you receive a phone call
    – You can turn off your screen during a call (Skype’s app doesn’t)

    – No dial pad after you make a call (so you can’t hit extensions)
    – Won’t let you mute yourself during a call
    – When you get an alert a call is coming in, you can’t answer it unless you were in the app when the call came

    I love this site Brooke. Hope my input helps other readers.