blackra1n Jailbreak Released

##ICON_NAME## A few days ago we told you about GoeHot and that he had found a jailbreak, which he is calling blackra1n, that would work on all devices. Well, last night, he released the jailbreak.

There are a few things to note.

– The jailbreak is for Windows users only. No Mac version yet.

– blackra1n does not hactivate your iPhone (fake activate it). So, in order to use this jailbreak you will need to have an iPhone on an official carrier.

– 3G and 3GS unlockers “do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded. Check out the dev team’s offerings.”

– blackra1n does jailbreak the third generation iPod touch however, it is a tether jailbreak. ” In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n.”

– blackra1n should work on devices using firmware 3.0 and up.

If you fit all those rules, you can get the jailbreak HERE.

Below is what GeoHot had to say on his website.

So, what is blackra1n? blackra1n is a 30 second ALL device 3.1.2 jailbreak. Even the ipt3, but the ipt3 is tethered. In order to boot it, just rerun blackra1n. As far as donations go, they are much appreciated, but not until after blackra1n works for you. I never ask for donations before the tool is released.

Warning 3g and 3gs unlockers, do not upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes if you want to keep your unlock. Baseband cannot be downgraded. Check out the dev team’s offerings. Also blackra1n doesn’t hacktivate. got a quarter million unique hits, and that’s without any content. This jailbreak is going to be huge!

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  1. Anyone tried it yet? The lack of detailed instructions requires quite a leap of faith before pressing that mystical “Let it ra1n” button…

    • MaverickC17 says

      I was on 3.0 3G[S]. I upgraded in iTunes to 3.1.2 made it ra1n and everything works as far as I can tell.

    • iPhone 3g 3.1.2 software.
      Made it rain
      did not install cydia and icy together.. Altho option is given to do both at once.. Don’t!!
      Just cydia… Only issue.. Sleep n wake are laggin.. Crashes with facebook.. Best thing ever other then that one program..

  2. detail tutor at iClarified, jail broken my iphone, install the cydria, and install program, yet it seems no iphone file management program read my iphone as “jailbroken”, so i cannot customize the icons but to follow the other themes.

  3. It works on my unlocked 3GS running 3.1.2, thing is i installed winterboard with started ok going through Cydia then it just looked up on the apple logo so i had to restore :(

  4. Srsly, is there really a need to jailbreak now? Just my opinion.

    • Why wouldn’t you want to jailbreak?

    • look on the right column of this page
      yup see that jailbreak FAQ then it says

    • Cory Gillmore says

      Without jailbreak, I would toss this resticted POS in the garbage. A factory iPhone is so locked down and resticted that I can hardly use it.

    • That FAQ hardly scratches the surface of what you can do with a jailbreak iphone. I’m not an Apple fanboy and the iphone is the only Apple product I own. The main reason I’m not a big fan is because how tightly they want to control their device and “user experience.” That’s not how Apple was started. They were all about individuality and breaking the mold of the corporate establishment (IBM). If I want to change the wallpaper on my iphone I should be able to do so with their blessing.

  5. I am gonna wait to see if everything really works and goes smooth. Winterboard must work properly, I must be able to continue tethering, MMS and visual voice mail as I do now on 3.0. Sounds good though.

  6. MaverickC17 says

    How do I Jailbreak my Jailbroken 3G[S] on 3.0 to 3.1.2 with blackra1n? What is the process?

    • MaverickC17 says

      Got it :)

      I updated to 3.1.2 via iTunes (I know I lost unlockablility for now). Made it ra1n and worked in about a minute. Now I have an iPhone 3G[S] on 3.1.2 Jailbroken and EVERYTHING works as far as I can tell ;)

    • MaverickC17 says

      I have these working with the 3.1.2 blackra1n Jailbreak:
      3G Unrestrictor
      Five Icon Dock
      Five Column Springboard
      Boss Preffs
      And other Apps

      Seems to be everything

    • MaverickC17 says

      Five icon dock and Five icon springboard don’t play well with iTunes 9’s App organizer. Avoid them…

    • @MaverickC17 – If you are using a Mac the app Movement seems to be a bit more agreeable with the five icon dock… Not so sure about the FISB mod though as I don’t use it. Give it a go! YMMV.


    • Can’t you just avoid using iTunes App Organizer? I can’t see having to use that that often. Once I have my icons set the way I want, I don’t ever touch them. I also use Categories so I only have about 1.5 pages of icons with Five Icon Dock/Springboard.

    • MaverickC17 says

      When I have the five column springboard active the iTunes App Organizer pulls 4 Apps off every page every time it is synced.

  7. Clive Weller says

    There is one thing that has not been made clear – does blackra1n install Cydia and Winerboard?

    • you can install Cydia, Rock or ice because it puts a BlackRa1n icon on your springboard, but i cant get Winterboard to work.

    • MaverickC17 says

      You install Cydia, Rock, and/or Icy via a BlackRa1n App icon after the Jailbreak

    • Winterboard is a downloadable app from Cydia. It doesn’t show up by default after a jailbreak. If it is yoru first time jailbreaking, then you will need to launch Cydia and install Winterboard. If you have already jailbroken and have Winterboard installed, it is a good idea to backup your jailbreak apps with a backup program like PkgBackup, or better yet, install RockApp(a better Cydia alternative) and use it to backup all your JB apps. Then when you jailbreak with Blackra1n, you just install RockApp or PkgBackup and restore. Provided that all the source repositories where you installed the apps from are still online(they all need to be redownloaded again).

  8. for me everything went smooth including winterboard. its been like 6 hrs since it was jailbroken , its perfect without any hitch.

  9. At the moment I’m using an iPhone 3G with firmware 3.0, jailbroken and unlocked.

    I’m really confused by all the options and warnings about the baseband. How should I upgrade my iPhone 3G to 3.1.2 to maintain my jailbreak AND stay unlocked?

    If you can help point me in the right direction that would be great!

    • If you want to maintain your unlock, you must use PwnageTool by the to create a custom 3.1 firmware file (3.1.2 not supported yet) that does not upgrade your baseband. This is the only way to upgrade to 3.1 and stay unlocked at the moment, so don’t go anywhere near blackra1n.

      Honestly though, I don’t think there are enough new features on 3.1 to warrant the upgrade. There are also a few bugs introduced in 3.1 (most notably a bug which will sometimes cause your phone to refuse to wake up from sleep mode for several minutes or longer). These have been patched in 3.1.2, but since you can’t upgrade to that version and maintain your unlock, it’s not much help to you. Lastly, 3.1 breaks the tethering hack, so that’s another reason not to upgrade if you use that.

    • Hmmm, I want to upgrade to 3.1 because a lot of the new Apps won’t install now without it. The main problem I’m going to have with your solution is using the Pwnage Tool since it’s Mac only. I use a Windows PC running Vista.

      Why aren’t they even working on a Windows version? It seems a bit odd, I’m sure the vast majority of people with iPhones are still Windows users.

      Basically, I have no upgrade paths available to me to get off of 3.0 :-(

    • I was thinking along those same lines. Why upgrade at all. 3.1 doesn’t offer me anything. If I had to get MMS, then that’s another story. But I have MMS and am still on 3.0. And I do like the tethering so it’s a no brainer for me.

    • When GeoHot released purplera1n, the Dev Team was very quick to follow with an updated redsn0w release. Let’s hope it happens again!

  10. Blackra1n is awesome. It works. I have a 3GS with 3.1.2. 30 seconds it was jailbroke.

  11. Done it at last! I think it helps if you leave you iPhone connected to your PC the whole time, thats how i got winterboard finally installed!

  12. It doesn’t work for me. It tells me the phone is jailbroken and it will reboot. But it just stays in recovery mode.

  13. Vernadette says

    Help! I am also confused. I have 3GS running 3.1 can I use blackra1n? I don’t want 2 unlock it.

  14. iphonejunky says

    those having issues with freezing or blackra1n locking up try this like a charm…

    1: Backup phone on itunes(make sure you have the lastest version of itunes installed)
    2: Hit update(if you want to keep your music/videos/settings/address book etc) OR Restore(if you want to start with a clean slate). It will tell you the latest is 3.1.2.
    3: After the update is complete, BACKUP YOUR PHONE AGAIN!!!!(Just incase you get stuck in recovery mode, you will be able to restore from this backup)
    4: Close itunes. (also check task manager for “Ituneshelper.exe”, kill it)
    5: Get blackrain, open, click make it rain. ( will will say waiting for iphone.(On windows 7 it will freeze for a bit, your phone should then go into recovery mode and blackrain should then say ‘running’.
    6: Now, from experience it hangs here…The problem is that your usb doesn’t recognize the phone because blackrain is trying to access it before the computer sees it!!! Kill blackrain, unhook phone, hold home and sleep button then release when phone goes black, this should kick the phone on. After phone reboots, start blackrain again, hook up phone, hit make it rain again. Should work now.
    7: You should see George and blackrain should say done, wait for reboot. DON’T DO ANYTHING WITH THE PHONE!!! LEAVE IT ALONE!!! It should reboot by itself, it might take a few minutes!!!
    8: Phone should be rebooted now with blackrain on springboard.
    Note: It would help minus the ‘itunes opening when phone is in recovery mode’ issue, if while the phone is connected on itunes make sure the ‘automatically sync with when phone is connected’, is unchecked.

    • Hey I am running 3.1 on my iphone and i have it jail broken….I downloaded some app from cydia and for some reason it said I needed to restart my iphone when the downloading was done…Now I try to turn on my phone and the apple sign comes up for a bit then the phone turns off… How do I fix this?

  15. I was able to jailbreak my iphone 3gs on 3.1.2, but I keep getting an “unable to load error” message once I open Cydia…. anyone experiencing this as well?

  16. Have 3G / 3.1.2. Executed blackra1n. iPhone enters recovery mode. Locks before completing blackra1n installation (blackra1n program continue to indicate “running” on desktop & in Task Manager). iPhone comes back to normal after re-boot. What am I doing wrong? THANX

    • MaverickC17 says

      Update via iTunes to 3.1.2 if you don’t want unlock. Close iTunes. Run blackra1n, should be done in 2 min. Install Cydia via blackra1n App icon after jailbreak.

  17. I will wait until I can load a custom 3.1.2 ipsw. I do not want to load a new baseband because when Apple releases the next iPhone I want to be able to “SELL” my 3GS. I always sell my previous model unlocked and jailbroken at a nice price on eBay. So, I’ll be staying on 3.0.1 until then. ^^

  18. blackra1n is very sloppy. no root access. :(

  19. I had to install Cydia twice to get it working. That was the only snag I had using Blackra1n on my 3G. The 11 apps/mods from Cydia that I use (including OpenSSH) work fine. I sent GEOHOT a donation via paypal to encourage his contiued interest.

  20. This is trouble shooting from the Big Boss

    1) Blackra1n just crashes – You don’t have itunes 9 installed or your apple mobile device service is not running. Install itunes 9 or reboot to solve.

    2) Blackra1n says it’s missing QTCF.dll. Put QTCF.dll into the same folder with blackra1n.exe and run it again.

    3) Blackra1n hangs on running… – You need to kill iTunes and iTunesHelper.exe. This step should only take a couple seconds and something should happen.

  21. on my 3G, I start blackra1n, click the button and then the device goes into recovery mode, iTunes starts up automatically, and then it stays in recovery mode the whole time (no Geohot picture). What am I doing wrong?

    • I have the same issue. I’ve tried countless times. The last time, the phone wouldn’t come out of recovery and I had to restore. I give up on this.

  22. I had a bit of trouble the first time round, but after killing various apple related processes (AppleMobileDevice.exe, mDNSResponder.exe etc) and trying again the phone jailbroke in around 10 seconds.

  23. no chance with windows 7

  24. Worked like a charm for me and fast no problems with cydia what so ever so guess I’m lucky thanks geo.

  25. oops!!! i should install itune …. everything is OK now

  26. m using 3G with 3.1.2 ,unable to jailbreak.with blackra1n . tried 10 times but failed. need more work to do day n night to make sure your claim is supportive

  27. HELP!!!
    I have a 32Gig 3GS running 3.1.2.  Installed Blackra1n without a hitch and everything went smoothly.  I immediately installed Cydia, then Winterboard and then began to install my favorite themes (that’s it, I haven’t installed anything else).  Everything seemed to be working perfectly.  All the themes load up just fine.
    But now NONE of my app-store apps work (Sportacular, AOL Radio, Now Playing, i.TV, etc.).  As soon as I click on an app, it appears to launch for one second and immediately shuts down.  I rebooted the phone several times and nothing works.  And yet the core apps work fine (MMS, Clock, Calculator, Maps, etc.).  And of course, Cydia & Winterboard work fine as well.
    I’m puzzled and I can’t seem to find an answer on Google.

    • Easy download a free app from the app store that will fix your issues then you can delete it why this works I don’t know but it does

    • Try installing or updating an app from the appstore. I had the same problem one time, and that worked for me.

    • Thanks Brian. I think I know where I might’ve screwed up. I updated my phone to 3.1.2 on my girlfriends laptop. I thought this would be fine since I didn’t sync anything. But now that I download from the app store directly from my phone, it’s asking for the user name & pw when it normally just asks for the pw. And also, my hotmail account in mail is treating all the emails on the server as new emails. I’m at work and not at my pc. I’ll sync when I get home to see if this solves my prob.

  28. I was having same probs as everyone else and these two things made it work for me

    make sure iPhone is in airplane mode only
    and run the blackrain program from the root of your c:/ drive

    hope this helps everyone

    • Who told you it had to be in Airplane Mode. This is a totally new wrinkle, which by the way doesn’t do anything here.

    • I tried everything! I did what you said what a it worked! Well all I did was switch it to airplane mode and this kids stupid face showed up on my phone. Good job buddy!

  29. It’s never going to work here. I’ve tried two different computers. I don’t get the GeoHot recovery image and on the second computer the screen goes dark but no reboot happens after the app tells me the JB is done and the phone will reboot.

  30. Guys, any workaround for those of us with Windows 7? I’m running 64-bit, and it keeps crashing on me. I’ve tried Compatibility Mode several different ways with no success. Any thoughts or ideas?

  31. After two days of futility, this worked instantly:

    1. Restore a clean build of 3.1.2

    2. Close iTunes

    3. Copy Blackra1n.exe to C:\ and run as Administrator (No need to run as admin for XP users)

    4. Click “Make It Rain”

    5. Wait for the phone to shut down, then instanly press and hold POWER + HOME

 while the screen is black
    6. As soon as the Apple logo appears, let go of POWER but keep holding HOME until the Blackra1n logo appears on the screen.

    That’s it. It does it. Once you’ve done it, open Blackra1n on the iPhone springboard and install Cydia. Cydia works perfectly for me.

    • Thank you for this!

      I would have never figured this out. How did it occur to you to do this?

    • I was stoked cuz I saw this, but it still didnt work, I still keep getting a blank screen, Even after doing all u said; clean build of 3.1.2, ran from c: (on XP) waited for it to shut down and held power and home key till the apple sign then let go of the power kept holding home and still stayed a blank screen. any other ideas to get this to work?

    • I posted a reply to this earlier for some reason its not here anymore, any ways I go the 16GB 3gs w/ 3.1.2 fw, I did everything u mentioned in this tip to the T, Still No go for me also even tried it in airplane mode and rebooted as suggested in previous posts, Still No go for me. Any more Ideas?

    • I tried everything and this just happened. I tried 6 dozen other combinations. If it doesn’t work, my only suggestion is to keep trying. Make sure the iphone has a black screen. Then as soon as the Apple logo appears, let go of the top power button, but keep pressing the home button. Don’t let it go to the recovery image. Let go of the top power button before that image appears. At this point there will be a delay, but then the image of GeoHot will appear on your iphone screen. Let go of the home button and the phone will eventually restart itself. When the Geohot image appears, you’re there.

      I have to say that this exploit, as excellent as it may be, was put out there with absolutely no directions, and people all over the world are stymied by this jailbreak. It is not the easy JB that some people are raving about. If it worked on the first pass for some, it was for a few.

      Keep doing it as I have directed, and it will work. I had given up. was going to forget about a JB.

    • My suggestion is go to the De-Team blog and use their jailbreak. The GeoHot JB is not a dependable solution.

  32. Pay GeoHot.

    I restored and updated my JB Ipod Touch 2G to 3.1.2. Then Jailbroke it in seconds with BlackRain. Now I’m on the very latest OS and Jailbroken. Blackrain is very easy to use to install Cydia , Rock and Icy. Smooth sailing so far.

  33. Does this mean i can jailbreak 3.1.2 on my 2g iphone on tmobile

  34. Oh forgot to mention, Running a new Iphone 3gs and on 3.1.2 firmware, running windows XP pro

  35. I updated to 3.1.2 do I have to restore to 3.1.2 before I can use blackra1n? Can it not be done without restoring or is it just safer?

    • Just follow my instructions posted above and don’t restore.

    • Here they are again:

      1. Restore a clean build of 3.1.2

 (if you have 3.1.2 forget this)
      2. Close iTunes

      3. Copy Blackra1n.exe to C:\ and run as Administrator (No need to run as admin for XP users)

      4. Click “Make It Rain”

      5. Wait for the phone to shut down, then instanly press and hold POWER + HOME

 while the screen is black
      6. As soon as the Apple logo appears, let go of POWER but keep holding HOME until the Blackra1n logo appears on the screen.

      That’s it. It does it. Once you’ve done it, open Blackra1n on the iPhone springboard and install Cydia. Cydia works perfectly for me.

      Again I want to stress that despite all the fanboys posting on GeoHot’s blog about how simple this is, this is not simple. This is a tough jailbreak. once you have the correct path to get to it, it’s simple.

    • I should add that if you’re using a Mac with VMWare Fusion or Parallels, this will not work. I had to shift to a PC to do this. This is the irony of a procedure like this for a Mac. An iPhone is a Mac. GeoHot is obviously a PC guy, unlike the Dev-Team.

  36. OK i got it, Have no idea why it wouldn’t work from my desktop, but i did it on the laptop and first try no problems.

  37. For those of you having issues with blackra1n, watch this. I couldnt get it to work until I watched this.

    Worked for me flawlessly after I did exactly what the video said.

    Running 3.1.2 iPhone 3G. Windows Vista 32bit

  38. KuSh iiNhaLeR says

    Blackra1n works perfectly except for my mewseek app. For some reason the app tries to open and always goes back to the springboard. Is anyone else having this issue or am I the only one? Mewseek is very essential to my iPod lol.

  39. I have a iPod touch firmware 3.1.2 and I tryed black ra1n… It loads up to the point of seeing the pic of the guy with the iPods around him then it loads to a black screen…. Can someone email me at and help me I’m using windows vista

  40. i deleted blackra1n and i re downloaded it but it wont show in my apps and i cant get any thing up also does anyone know how to get rid of icy.

  41. Hey I am running 3.1 on my iphone and i have it jail broken….I downloaded some app from cydia and for some reason it said I needed to restart my iphone when the downloading was done…Now I try to turn on my phone and the apple sign comes up for a bit then the phone turns off… How do I fix thiiis?

  42. To download this blackrain, do I need to be on a computer? Probably right? I’m on my iPod touch and it said safari cannot download.. Hmm. I hate being clueless, but on a computer right?

  43. I didn’t know my iphone 3G-S engaged automatic update and it update the version to 3.1.2 . Now my phone have problems need your advise. The Cydia icon missing form my screen and leave a blank there. I downloading somes free applications form itunes store, this applications icon does not appear on my phone screen. It appear in my laptop itunes library and application box. No matter how I synchronise them to my iphone, Its all don’t appear on the screen. I am using SB Setting too, in the application dock, all this applications are inside. I did not hide the icons but its just won’t appear on screen.

    I try to download application again for a testing, I realize that when I download, the application icon did not appear on screen but the signal of download is running. After completed, when I connect the iphone to my laptop, the downloaded application appear in the laptop instead but same as above, not in the main screen.

    Please advise me how to get rid of this problems.

  44. iphone keeps crashing after i jailbroke it with blackrain

  45. After i click ‘make it rain’, it becomes ‘waiting for device’. How do i proceed on?

  46. I have a 3GS which was on 3.1.2 firmware, unlocked and being used on T-Mobile I dont know what the bootrom or baseband is. This was fine and Blackra1n worked when ever I needed to use it. That is until the battery went flat. Ever since I have not been able to jailbreak it. Blackra1n either freezes and re-boots the iphone, or is blackscreen.

    I have tried all the suggestions that I have found on forums countlees times, but to no avail. In terms of 3.1.3 firmware upgrade, when it asked, I said no, so I cant understand why blackra1n wont work. I have not restored the phone, as I know that the firmware will upgrade automatically. I cannot access the springboard at all.

    Essentially I now have a very expensive paperweight. does anyone have any suggestions? (apart from getting a phone that isnt an iphone?)
    many thanks if you can help

  47. Juan Camilo PInillos says

    I really need help trying to find a tool that will help me unlock and I-Phone 3gs with 3.1.3 (7e18) and Modem Firmware 05.12.01. I really need help with this…Please as soon as anyone knows of a tool that would be able to unlock my phone, please let me know.

  48. why blackrain cant run in my computer …. error massage ” b;ackrain.exe has encounter a problem need to close . sorry for all the inconvinience ” …hiw to slove this problem .. someone help plzzz .

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