Waveboard – Google Wave iPhone App Now Available in App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

##ICON_NAME## We first told you about Waveboard, a very simple front end for Google Wave, a few weeks ago while it was still in review. It has now hit the App Store and is available for $0.99.

The application in itself does not have push notifications but Waveboard has been integrated into Prowl and you can get push notifications that way. For more info on setting up push notifications check out http://www.getwaveboard.com



App Store Description:

A very simple front end for Google Wave. This client shows the standard web presence for mobile devices provided by Google Wave.

Website links will be shown in an integrated separate web browser view. Pages can be handed over to Safari from within the app. Landscape view is supported.

By shaking the device you get access to ‘Logout’ and ‘Reload’ actions.

Use this tool to get Google Wave on your springboard screen. No distracting browser controls where they are not needed.

For more information about Google Wave and getting an account please visit http://wave.google.com.

The MacOS X Desktop version is also available for download and can be used for notification on changed Waves.

Visit http://www.getwaveboard.com

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  1. Sort of a rip off. It’s just the webapp of Google Wave. Just go to wave.google.com in Safari instead of wasting a dollar on this thing.

    • JuggleNuts says

      Exactly. And if you bookmark the web page to your homescreen, it gets rid of the page controlls. Save your $1.