Cydget – Framework for Managing Lock Screen Plugins

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

##ICON_NAME## Yesterday, Saurik released Cydget in Cydia. Cydget is a “framework for managing lock screen plugins.”

Cydget isn’t necessarily an application in itself instead it is more of a framework that allows other people to create lock screen plugins that work within Cydget. Allowing you to manage lock screen plugins without the use of WinterBoard. The plugins are managed in the stock Settings application where they can be activated/deactivated and reordered.

Once on the lock screen, you can rotate through the activated lock screen plugins by tapping the Home Button.

The application does work with lock screen mods such as LockInfo (as long as they are compatible with SBAwayViewPlugins) as well as Quick Dismiss which also uses the Home Button on the lock screen.

I have a feeling that once there are more plugins available… this is going to be a very sweet “app.” Cydget is available through Saurik’s source (which is already on your device) so.. just search for Cydget in Cydia and it should be there.

Cydget provides a comprehensive replacement for WinterBoard Lock Widgets, allow developers and web designers to take control of the lock screen using either native code or HTML with JavaScript and Cycript, allowing flexible access to Objective-C.

Like WinterBoard Themes, Cydgets are configured using a reorderable list. Go to “Settings” then “Cydget” to activate, deactivate, and organize.

An example Cydget is included to demonstrate the technology: show a random picture from your camera roll.

Some of Cydget’s core benefits:
– configuration allows HTML scrolling
– multiple Cydgets can be rotated
– they stop running when screen dims
– Cycript embedding for library calls


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  1. Doug Knowles says

    Anyone having trouble getting the Photo Example to work, it’s because there was no dependency for Cycript which is required to make it work…. Install it and it will work. may also affect other plug-ins as they become available….

    Plug-ins that depend on internet access like the “A Zodget” widget, appear to require a wifi connection to work as provided…

  2. Thanks. I was wondering why it wouldn’t work.

  3. matt chiang says

    I installed cydget and now I’m missing two icons from my six icon dock!!!

  4. after installing Cydget , my phone will not unlock, keyboard no input, how can i uninstall cydget and get my phone working again ?

    • i dont know as well how to completely get rid of cydget but if u go to settings and cydget and just deactivate all u wont have to deal with it for now the only things u can get rid of are the actual downloaded lockscreens for cydget in cydia/manage/packages

    • hey there i did figure it out now.. go to cydia and instead of manage press search type in cydget u will see it there just like when u downloaded it click it then modify and remove just like in manage and its gone :) it just doesnt show in ur packages who knows why.
      maybe u can help me out with my problem i am super new with iphones i know my way around them but what i dont get is when i download something like a lockscreen and it is on my mac desktop how do i get it in my phone they talk about folders and ftp program or something but i just dont understand that all i know is how to sync stuff with i tunes… need a walkthrough any ideas?

  5. Hi,
    I have upgraded a LockCalender app which was a MobileSubstrate before, but now changed to Cydget. Works nice, however I noticed a few drawbacks:
    – when charging, I can see the green battery on the screen no more
    – when syncing with iTunes, the “Sync in progress” text goes right over the clock, looks nasty. Sometimes (but not always) this happen with the incoming calls too.

    Disabling all cydgets makes the problems go away. Is the problem well-known and is it going to be taken care of?

  6. i have read some things about cydgets and decided i want to try them out. but when i search for them in cydia i can not find cydget itself but i found all the cydgets that you can install on your device. I have the Saurik source on my ipod but it still wont show up.

    • I’m in the same boat as you are. I don’t see Cydget at all when I do the search, but all the additional apps to it. Am I a little slow or something? Honestly, will not hurt my feelings!!

    • I’m right there with you both. Wasn’t sure if I wanted widgets on my home screen, but now that I do, I can’t find Cydget! What gives?

      And I don’t think you’re slow Bob, or else that means I’m slow too :P

  7. I downloaded the Element Cydget, Aquarium Cydget (
    but they both run well on my 3GS, but are slightly slow on the 3G. Anyway to speed them up?

  8. Dear All,

    If you cannot find cydget package itself, Kindly go to the Cydia – sections – cydget – and download any cydget from repo.

    the cydget is a dependency which it will auto detect and install for you.

    i will write to bigboss repo admin to make Cydget package a dependency like Modmyi so that no-one is confused.

    Let me know if you have further issues with this.

    thanks and Best Regards

  9. I can’t get Cydget to show up in any search I perform – it doesn’t show up in the repository, doesn’t show up in a hard search, nothing. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great.

  10. After jailbreaking my 3GS (iOS 4.0.1) with Jailbreakme, the first thing i installed was Element. Cydget was also installed, but I just cant activate Element: In the Settings – Cydget screen, when I press Lock Cydget Order, nothing happens. Is there some sort of incompatibility between Cydget and iOS 4?

  11. doesn’t work on my ipad running 3.2.1 or ipod 3g running iOS 4.0 either

  12. same problem with ios 4.0

  13. i am new to all of this, never jailbroke my iphone before and researching loads of things to do ! i am having the same issue, cydget lock order wont get any further help pleaaaase :(

    if anyone one else knows of any other good things to install on jailbreak let me know too as i said im a noob :D

    • one of the most common things to download is Winterboard which can be used to change a lot of the appearances of ur iDevices

  14. Hi, im also newbe with and the first i want to test was Aquarium plugin. But I also have OS 4 iPhone 4 and cant get it running. Now I know that Cydget is Not OS4 compatible.

    My question: If a fix is out, how do I know it? Automatic uptates like in AppStore? Or self looking in some forums? How does it work on Cydia?

    Kind regards

  15. II too paid the $1 for the Aquarium Cydget and cannot get it to appear in my “cydget” list under settings on my Iphone 4 jailbroke running 4.0.2

    Any luck out there? Really wanted this aquarium.

  16. You don’t even know how much I’ve wanted the aquarium!! I have been debating it for a couple months, and finally purchased it today on my iPhone 4 running on iOS 4.0.1
    This sucks! If anyone know how to fix this problem please help!!!