LUMA – Challenging Puzzle Game by Walt Disney

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LUMA LUMA, by Walt Disney, is a unique puzzle game. The game has a simple objective, connect the lighted paths by linking the nodes. As easy as that sounds, the game provides a challenging game play.

The controls are nicely designed, you are able to rotate the lighted nodes using a control bar on the left side of the screen. As you rotate a node the lines inside the node will connect to the lines in the next node causing it to light up. You continue to connect the nodes until you have reached the end.

LUMA contains two game modes; Adventure and Survival. The Survival mode is locked until you have completed all the levels in Adventure mode. You are also able to view any acheivements you have unlocked.

A few things to note. You may only rotate nodes that are lighted and you do not have to use all the nodes on the screen. You only use as many nodes as are needed to connect the beginning to the end.

I have to be honest, I’m a puzzle-gameaholic… LUMA not only provides the challenge I love to see in a puzzle game it does so in a well-designed, entertaining and relaxing manner. If you are into puzzle games, LUMA is most definitely worth the $0.99 price tag.



App Description:


In LUMA, your goal is to connect the lighted path from one end to the other. Connect the path by linking colorful branching nodes. Rotate each node clockwise or counterclockwise by sliding your finger up or down the control bars.

LUMA includes two game modes, Adventure and Survival, with more than 50 levels of varying challenges. The game also features great graphics, cool sound effects and engaging music.

LUMA, discover puzzle gaming in a new light.

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