Twittelator Pro Update Brings Lists, Reply All, TwitLonger and A Lot More!

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

Twittelator ProSome may think this app is high priced at $4.99 but with updates almost every month or more and this list of new features you might change your mind. The biggest feature on the list is support for Twitter’s new lists. You can see others’ lists, create a new one, and add users to lists. The only problem I had was I went over my API connection limit after adding people to lists. If you want to do mass amounts of people, keep using the website. If you just need to do some updating every once in a while or see your lists, you should be fine.

This update also added a few third party features like “What The Trend?”, Tlists, Follow Cost, Tweet Blocker, favrd, favstar, & TwitLonger. Another feature which is pretty kewl is a reply to all. If someone you follow tweets an at reply to one or more people, you can hit “reply to all” and a new tweet is started with @replies to all users. There are even more featues listed below:

* Twitter Lists:
— Create and edit your own lists
— See lists you own, lists you follow or lists following you
— Get list details
— Load tweets from any list
— See any user’s lists
— Add any user to any of your lists

* Tlists: find suggestions, featured lists, random list, search lists and tweeters

* Reply All – just tap avatar to reply to all @mentioned

* Trends: “What The Trend?” explains why each trend is trending

* Follow Cost shows you cost of following someone

* Tweet Blocker provides a spam grade for user

* favrd and favstar shows favorite’d tweets

* TwitLonger – tap to expand, tap again to shrink, tap again to open it (and other links) in web page

* Much faster download times

* Emailing web page link uses title of the web page as Subject:

* Search results show twitter client used

* Search Nearby shows avatars on map pins

* twit:///friends launches twittelator to Friends

* tap/hold mapview from geocode pin in Tweet Options also does nearby search
* Expanded long TwitLongers are fully displayed
* Japanese twitlongers were displaying incorrectly
* crasher when tap/holding after seeing a map fixed
* you can cancel the set Avatar panel
* posterous posts only tweeted once

Twittelator Pro

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  1. I am glad they fixed a few of the issues I was having with this software. I think it will get even better if they updated a little more regularly.