Categories Update – Back-End Changes

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##ICON_NAME## Categories, an application that allows you to organize the applications on your SpringBoard into folders, has been updated to version 2.8. The update makes quite a few back-end changes to the app. Check out the complete change log below.

Note: We did have an issue updating Categories on one of our test iPhones. It took all the apps out of the folders and made the folders unable to be deleted. However, I updated Categories on my personal iPhone and I had no issues at all… it kept the folders and all the apps inside them.

Version 2.28 change log:
– Categories now support non-English character names; this includes punctuation
– All category creation/deletion/updating is handled by new CategoryTool
– Categories no longer runs as root
– As part of the non-English support, newly created categories
use a generic /Applications/Category### directory name. To help themers, now lists the path below the name of each category.
– CategoryTool is designed to be used by end-users as well, if they want
to use it. It includes a built-in help that describes the options. (Would require command line support in SSH).


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  1. For some reason none of my apps I put in folders going in the folder of choice, but instead stay on the springboard and in the folder.

  2. I installed Categories 2.28 and CategoriesSB 1.20 this morning. Works great. Love the new Horizontal Scroll.

  3. I will start using it again once pkgbackup supports it in its next update. Then i wont have to redo it every time my phone crashes..

  4. Just a shout-out to everyone. I noticed on BigBoss this morning that Categories and CategoriesSB was updated to versions 2.29 and 1.21 respectively.

    One bug fix was to address the duplicate icon issue that Mrkpc and others were having. The bug was considered rare (I didn’t have it) but it’s supposed to be fixed now.

  5. I started using Categories again when I up my firmware to 3.1.2. It worked great before the upgrade but now I noticed, that you can not select your icon pictures. There is just one file. No choices. that sucks….