New iPhone Commercial: “12 Days of Christmas”

##ICON_NAME## Apple has recently released a new commercial titled “12 Days of Christmas.” The commercial is based on the classic Christmas song The 12 Days of Christmas and features 12 Holiday applications. Below is the commercial and the list of the apps featured in the commercial.

– 12 cookies cooking: The Betty Crocker Mobile Cookbook (Free)
– 11 cards a’ sending: Postman ($2.99)
– 10 gifts for giving: My Christmas Gift List ($0.99)
– 9 songs for singing: TabToolkit ($9.99)
– 8 bells for ringing: Holiday Bells ($0.99)
– 7 slopes a’ skiing: Snow Reports ($1.99)
– 6 games for playing: Christmas Fever ($0.99)
– 5 gold rings: Anna Sheffield Jewelry (Free)
– 4 hot lattes: myStarbucks (Free)
– 3 flights home: Flight Search (Free)
– 2 feet of snow: Weather Pro ($3.99)
– And an app that can light up the tree: Schlage LiNK (Free but hardware required)

The app list comes via MacRumors.

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  1. I wish they had a different guy narrating, it was painful hearing him hardly sing. An dyes, I know he wasn’t singing but still.


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