Loren Brichter Explains How He Created Tweetie

##ICON_NAME##I used to be a HUGE fan of Tweetie until Tweetie 2. Some of my favorite features were removed like the dark theme and I don’t really like the new retweet feature and the quote feature only lets you use “via” instead of “RT”. Anyway, this is a really kewl video from the developer speaking at Standford University back in May of 2009. It’s a kewl inside view to app developing and more support for why some apps should be paid and not free. Oh, and be prepared, it’s 30 minutes long.

Tweetie 2


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  1. The random poster says

    Seems like a down to earth dude. I enjoy Tweetie 2 personally, but i wish it had a dark theme.

  2. Great video … thanks for sharing!

  3. I love tweetie 2 but the latest update’s RT tweaks are a pain


  1. […] Loren Brichter explains how he has created Tweetie […]