ProSwitcher Update

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

CydiaIt seems as soon as I wrote about ProSwitcher, the next day an update was released. Here are some of the features of the new release. Show Icon toggle (allows for activation from springboard icon); Empty Tap to Close toggle; Show Default Apps toggle (hide apps like phone and mail); Empty Style options of Text, Blank or Disabled.

It also feels a little snappier but I have some many hack running I’m never sure what’s causing slow downs. Let me know if those of you having lag issues see improvement.

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  1. do i have to remove backgrounder to use this?

  2. you need backgrounder to use this. It’s def great, my new favorite mod.

  3. Nice to see an update , i would like to ask what is that theme name please?

  4. Where is Cydia? It’s gone – January 26/10.

  5. theiphonerocks says

    it says that the springboard card gets locked, but im using the latest version, and i still got a crash from being able to close the springboard card

  6. Can anybody get the ‘slide in from bottom’ activation method to work?

  7. I’m using it with a iPhone 3GS and have NO problems at all and it works great, really like this app..

  8. The up date is nice. And it’s current on shake to active on my iPhone. I think I might need to change it though. Because if I get a phone call, then that might post a problem. Why? Shake to answer and shake to activate the switcher running at the same time equals bad news! It might work well a couple of times, but it’s a good way to reach safe mode. Which that gets pretty darn annoying. Other than that, the switcher is good stuff!

  9. Just updated to 1.1 and now springboard is constantly loading into Safe Mode.

  10. Works great and it’s very smooth.

  11. Very nice program, have my device jailbroken only for this program. Apple must make this feuture in os 4.0 really work fine thank you!

  12. It looks like a great app, but how do you add applications to it? I see the Default Apps, but for the life of me, I can’t figure out how to add more!

  13. Thing I hate about Cydia apps, especially ones this involved/complex, are no detailed instructions.
    What the heck is “empty tap to close” ? tap empy space to close? that didn’t work, I can’t figure out what this option is.
    “swipe to close” swipe where, which way, after playing, not really a swipe, cuz it doesn’t register, you just tap and hold the “card” and slide up, not really a swipe, but SLIDE.
    Background theme.. doesn’t work for me.

  14. after the update i had some “frozen springboeard” issues,,every time after debug i had a message about bug,,anyway,,my springboard wasn’t responsive at all,,and after 5 min it was again,i just reinstalled proswitcher,,and everything is fine now!!

    i have 3gs brand new 1 week phone!! i don;t know why i had this problem with after update

    anyone who had the same issue?

  15. JunkyVirus says

    I’m having problems with Switcher on my 3G, I have Backgrounder installed, but when I install Switcher and restart my springboard the phone goes into Safe Mode, can anyone help me ?