Hacker Ban from App Store

##ICON_NAME## A few day ago, Sherif Hashim, tweeted that he had found an exploit for the 5.12.01 baseband (the current baseband for the 3.1.3 firmware)…. meaning he found a way for it to be unlocked. He later said that he was working with the Dev-Team to get the export working correctly and released. Yesterday, he tweeted that he received the following message, “Your Apple ID was banned for security reasons.” It seems that Apple is not too happy with Hashim and his exploit!

Sherif Hashim’s Tweets:
(Feb 10th)

:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) i just crashed the 5.12.01 baseband :)))))))))))))))))))

(Feb 14th)

“Your Apple ID was banned for security reasons”, that’s what i get when i try to go to the app store, they must be really angry :)))))

and guess what my apple ID was, “sherif_hashim@yahoo.com”, what a fool was me not to notice :))), can’t help laughing, they are babies :)))

at least they should have wait after the release :)) about 15 hours ago from Twitterrific in reply to goobot



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  1. GatewayMaster says

    It happened to me before.. it could all just be a coincidence. The Message appeared to me when someone failed to log in to my iTunes account. I had to reset my password.

  2. This is way funny, Apple are really such babies, he is still going to release the update and I’m sure he can use another email address.

  3. Not quite an unlock, at least not YET.

    “meaning he found a way for it to be unlocked”

    But according to the Dev-Team:
    “It’s not even guaranteed that an working unlock will come from this particular crash — it’s just too early to tell.”

  4. sbsettings
    substrate (or more options or whatever)
    turn OFF “apple killswitch”

    apple killswitch enabled basically means ur phone automatically sends information to apple. probably including jailbreak status

    hope this helps the ppl that haven’t been screwed yet X-D