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ScreenDimmerI’ve been looking for a replacement to an app I used to use called iDimLight. It basically mirrored the feature of the Mac laptops that dims the screen to save battery when you’re not using them. I tend to never use the autolock feature and just manually lock my iPhone. Now I can have my screen dim after being on for 45 seconds or whatever I set it to by a new app that works with 3.0 to 3.1.2 called ScreenDimmer.

The app installs into your Settings app and not an icon on our SpringBoard. From Settings you can:
– disable the feature
– have it turn off the backlight or dim it
– toggle option for dimming the screen during charging
– adjust the timing from 5 seconds to 15 minutes
– exclude the feature while running certain apps
– and choose to dim apps with disabled idleTimer (apps like navigation or video playback)

I love this feature and it’s one of those hacks I say is worth jailbreaking for.

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  1. toNYc311 says

    This feature should be in the stock iPhone features. Just another basic thing Apple does not provide. I use this tweak everyday. Though I am confused as to why Cydia is not listed as one of the exclusion apps. Icy is listed but not Cydia? Weird….

  2. Ruoff Norbert says

    Hi ist Dim Delay in Cydia not the same feature ?This is for no money

  3. toNYc311 says

    Dim Delay is a tweak for the lockscreen only.

  4. Great app. I’m glad this site is here. Over the years, I’ve lost the discipline to keep up with every new app that comes out. It’s nice to discover some of them here.

  5. fi2-shift says

    Well, I use Supreme Preferences 3.0, it adds like 100 new features to Settings app, one of those is dim screen and lock device, you can put it to dim the screen from 1 sec. to 2 mins, so it’s basically the same thing, but S.P. is free, and have loads more options, check it out,, is in xsellize’s repo

    • But there is a problem with apps like supreme preferences. They can mess up system files. Also screendimmer has many more features

    • Fi2-shift says

      Don’t think so, I have been using SP 3.0 since iPod firm 3.0 and I’m in 3.1.2 now and still got NO problems, I have also nstalled it in many iPods/iPhones I have jailbroken and nothing wrong had happened , yu just install the one in xsellize and all is ok

  6. I checked in Cydia today 03-16 not there.


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