The New iPhone 4G HD Commercial?

YouTubeThis is obviously not official but it’s the clip at the end that gets me pretty excited. I really hope that Apple released the next iPhone to have video chat. It would be a great feature that would blow away competition. I don’t really think Apple will change the overall design of the iPhone to something like this shape and color. I’m hoping for front facing camera, larger megapixel rear camera, a flash, zoom, & 1Ghz processor, better battery and maybe some of the new features of the iPad firmware. Any other features on your wish list?

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  1. I will pay any amount for that phone. It is sweet.

  2. Guarddogg says

    Whooo momma! Now that’s cool…it’s Bull palosi but man that would be cool!

  3. I think you covered everything on my wishlist Doug.

  4. quicker(Sb settings) and a bigger screen would be nice

  5. If it’s true, I’ll tradel my first born for it!

  6. Well they got the name correct ;)

  7. Who makes these fake iPhone commercials every year? More importantly, why do they make them?

  8. First of all, where did u get this video from ? is this real or making up ???? come on u ppls, u know apple wont released any video till announment in may or june !?!

  9. Guys, Is that for real, or some kind of imaginey prototype???

  10. Look like a fake ;)
    I dont think that is real next-generation iphone!