Craigsphone Update – New Features & Improved UI

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

Craigsphone I have to admit… I have recently become a slight craigslist addict and Craigsphone is my app of choice. Yesterday, the app received an update. The update is a vast improvement over the previous version. Where things used to look messy and thrown together they now look sleek and clean… even the icon has a new look!

There is a new Search option on the lower menu bar which I love… it makes searching much more convenient. I also like that you can quickly search within specific categories. Another cool new features is the ability to turn on the Display Images option. Once turned on, this will add a thumbnail of the image right in the list of results. (Tap on the little icon above the search box to get to the option to turn on/off Display Images) I did find that it does not always display images for all results, even the ones that contain images.

I personally think the app loads faster after the update which is a nice. You can find the new Craigslist Forums and Craiglist Blog in the Featured option on the lower menu bar.

Overall, there are a ton of new feature (see full list below) and the updated UI is a major improvement.


New Features:
– Faster loading screens!
– Maps (housing section only)
– Image preview, so you can see images in the list of results
– UI redesign
– Access your Craigslist account
– Dedicated search tab
– Craigslist Forums!
– Craigslist Blog
– Dozens of user experience improvements
– Improvements to our classic features: Nearby stuff/people/events, Best Of, Bookmarks, History
– New cities from the website automatically show up in the app


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  1. Have you tried CraigsPro ? I like it a lot and it’s only $1. Craigsphone looks good too, maybe even alittle better but I think $4.99 is to much for a craigslist app.

  2. Mustard Cupcake says

    Even though this is free now it’s still overpriced. I tried getting a search to work with filters for over 20min & never was successful. So many bugs still that this shouldn’t even be released. Improved deez nutz!