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Skype 2.0 Can Now Make Calls on 3G & EDGE

Available In: App Store       Price: Free  

SkypePreviously, Skype for the iPhone would only let you make calls from the iPhone if it was connected to Wifi. Now you can make them even when on the 3G cellular network. It doesn’t say anything about EDGE so I’m guessing it won’t work there. I even got it to work on EDGE. Check the video below. There are also some other improvements with the recent update including enhanced call quality indicator and improved start-up time. See below for a complete list.

Of course there is a catch to all of this. AT&T is only promising this to be a free service until the end of August 2010, then they may charge a small monthly fee. [Read more…]

iPhone 4 Rumors

AppleOf course we don’t know what the next iPhone will be called but we have heard a lot of rumors. Here’s a list of some of them:

– There have been a few images of the next iPhone so here’s a few:


– This one shows a white front:

– Steve Jobs will give the keynote at this years WWDC on June 7th. Based on past years we think he will announce the new iPhone then. Firmware 4.0 should also be released at that time. [Read more…]

Friday Night Movie Night: Rend Collective Experiment – Worship on iPhone

MusicSince I work as a Technology Manager for a church, I have been tipped off to this video quite a few times. I heard about it earlier this week but I wanted to hold it for Friday Night Movie Night. This Irish band recorded their whole song using iPhones. Check out the video and the list of apps they used to pull it off!

Apps (iTunes Links)

Vocals recorded on Voice memo (Stock Applications)
Drum Kit Lite – Free
Glocken jr – $0.99
pocket guitar – $0.99
fingerpiano lite – Free
shaker – Free
real violin lite – $0.99
Guitar:play and share – $3.99


Friday Night Movie Night: Planning Center Online Music Stand for the iPad

Planning Center OnlineThis whole idea might not make sense to you unless you are part of a worship band and are pulling music every week for each type of instrument. This app, music stand accessory and foot pedal make a great combo for a worship leader or band member. The stand and pedal may work out for any musician or band. Check out the video below.


Change The Name of Stock/Native and App Store Apps

iFileOk, I know this is not new news but I had someone email me asking how to change the name and icon of an app. I was pretty sure it would be easy so I just did a quick search and here’s how to do it.

You can either use SSH from your computer or the iFile app from Cydia to access your folders and files on your iPhone. For this guide I’ll be using iFile right on the iPhone.

First we will be changing an icon for an App Store application. I’ve chosen to change the Tweetie app to the name Twitter. Kind of kewl since Twitter bought Tweetie and will be changing the name in the future.

1. Open iFile and navigate to the var/mobile/Applications folder.
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MatteFusionGZ – WinterBoard Theme

MatteFusionGZ is a simple and clean WinterBoard theme that contains 70 matte icons, a dock, status bar and badge. There are a few things to note about this theme.

The SMS icon is labeled incorrectly so the themed icon does not display when you active the theme in WinterBoard. To change this, you can ssh into (or use iFile on your device) the /library/Themes/MatteFusionGZ/Icons folder and rename Text.png to Messages.png. It will then display the themed SMS icon. [Read more…]

Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ Campaign – “Apple’s” Response

Adobe If you haven’t already heard, Adobe has launched an ad campaign against Apple (who hasn’t!) in retaliation to the fact that Apple doesn’t allow flash on any of the iDevices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). Normally I don’t write about this kind of thing but, someone created “Apple’s” response to Adobe’s ‘We ♥ Apple’ campaign and I thought it was funny… ok, I totally laughed out loud when I saw it.

Below are both Adobe’s campaign and “Apple’s” response found over on issaco’s twitter.
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New iPad Commercial: What is iPad?

AppleApple has posted a new iPad commercial to it’s YouTube account. The video helps answer the question most people ask about the iPad, why do you need one? What’s interesting is the comparison of this commercial to a commercial from Apple back in the 90’s for the Newton. Check out both commercials below.


WPtouch 2.0 Update Preview = Updated AIS Web App

If you didn’t know, when you visit our website from an iPhone or an iPod touch, the site changes it’s design automatically to fit better and speed things up. You can always switch it back to the full view but many like this more simple view to help make things faster. Here’s what it looks like right now:

Apple iPhone School Web App
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Backgrounder Update – New Settings, New Features and Fixes

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Backgrounder Backgrounder, a hack that allows applications to run in the background, has been updated to version svn.r432 (and svn.r436). The new version actually makes a decent amount of changes to the hack (full change log below).

The overall settings of the app have changed… including more description about each setting… which is nice.

In the Global option of the settings, you will find quite a few more features including the ability to choose the type of Backgrounding Method (Off, Native and Backgrounder), choose the Backgrounding State (Enable at Launch or Stay Enabled – previously Backgrounding Persists), the ability to turn on a Status Bar Icon and the options to Fallback to Native and Minimize on Toggle.
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Another 4th Generation iPhone Found [Video]

4th Gen iPhone Oh boy, here we go again. It seems that another 4th generation iPhone has been found (this time in Vietnam) however, this one seems to be a little more polished and a little closer to the final version of the 4th gen iPhone. Unlike the one found in Cali, this one does not have the screws in the bottom next to the speakers and has all the info on the back of the iPhone (it seems to be a 16GB version).

Below are a few pics via Gizmodo and a video showing more of the detail of the iPhone. It was found in Vietnam so, I’m guessing the guy in the video is speaking Vietnamese.
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Acier – WinterBoard Theme [Tutorial]

Acier is a unique WinterBoard theme (based on the concept of an iNav theme… you know, the original theme from back-in-the-day that started all these sweet themes). Below is a list of what you will need to install in order to use the theme correctly and instructions on how to set-up the theme. Check it out.
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Court Documents Prove 5 Year Contract Between Apple & AT&T

AT&TEngadget has finally found proof that the contract between Apple and AT&T for the iPhone was 5 years. That would mean no Verizon iPhone this year. But there are always renegotiations and all sorts of other ways Apple could have ended the agreement. Apple did develop the iPad to run on AT&T and not Verizon so this may also be a hint. I’m guessing that Apple will wait until LTE technology is released and all carriers use it so they can sell only one phone.

Here’s what I’d like to know. If you have an iPhone right now, would you switch to Verizon if they get the iPhone? If you’re reading this and don’t have an iPhone and are with Verizon already, would you buy an iPhone once it comes to Verizon? Answer below in the polls and let us know more by telling us why in the comments. [Read more…]

AIS App Updated

Apple iPhone SchoolJust a little update to our app. Matthew updated the icon so it’s the correct size. Before it was a little smaller than most icons. He’s also looking into speeding it up a bit. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments.