iPhone Firmware 4.0 Beta 3 Has Rotation Lock, iPod Controls & iPod Icon

Firmware 4.0Apple released iPhone firmware 4.0 beta 3 today and then quickly pulled it back down. We haven’t heard if it’s back up yet but we have heard of some of the new features. First, when double clicking the homebutton and seeing the icons of the apps running in the background you can now swipe to the left and see new buttons. The first is a orientation lock. When it’s selected the iPhone locks it orientation to portrait and shows an indicator in the status bar. From what I can see in video demonstrations, it does not lock in the current position but always forces back to portrait. Hopefully this is changed in a later update and will lock in which ever way you had it when pressing that icon.

Another feature is the iPod controls in the same area mentioned above. You can go back, play, pause or go forward a song. I’m really glad they brought this back. This is one reason I went back to 3.1.3 from 4.0 Beta 1. When running in the morning I can’t switch from RunKeeper to iPod to skip to the next song. I used to just double tap and get iPod controls to skip ahead. Really glad this is back. You can also get right to the iPod app form this same swipe to the left location.


iPod Controls

Another feature I’ve heard about is that when removing apps from the backgrounding dock, you can now do more than one at a time. Before the icons would stop wiggling after removing one and then you would have to hold down the icons again to get them wiggling again. You would have to do this for each app. Now they all stay wiggling and the minus sign stays available for app removal.

Finally, this feature is pretty awesome and I need some confirmation on if this is a new feature or a previous beta feature. I know there is spell check in the new firmware but someone in a video below shows that when the autocorrection isn’t what you were looking for, if you hit the backspace button, you get some more options. I never noticed this before but it might have been there.

Here are a few videos that show some of the features.


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  1. aranmor says

    I think they have a jailbroke iphone just to get ideas of how to improve their OS, lol

  2. Finally Apple is paying more attention to the features that makes people want to jailbreak. They will always lag behind.

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