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Multifl0w – Expose-Like Multitasking Interface

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99  

SettingsThis app is a very nice way do display all apps that are running in the background. It works on the iPhone or iPad. Since the iPad doesn’t natively support backgrounding, this is a nice way to switch between apps. It will also work with the new 4.0 software and can be activated in pretty much any way you’d like using activator. Once you have some apps running in the background and you bring up Multifl0w, you can rearrange the order of the apps by dragging them around. Here’s a few screenshots and a video demo.



Temporary Fix For Gowalla & Jailbroken iPhones

When the jailbreak came out for the iPhone 4 I was very excited. I was even more excited when a lot of my favorite jailbreak apps became available. Then I noticed Gowalla, an App Store app for check in to locations, had stopped working. When you opened the app it would just crash right away. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it just kept doing it. Eventually I found out it was a problem with having my iPhone jailbroken and specifically having Winterboard installed. Here’s a recent @reply from @gowalla:

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FaceTime Fails After 1 Minute Using 3G Unrestrictor [Fixed]

I’ve had a few people who only want to jailbreak their iPhone just so they could use FaceTime anywhere. Right now it only works on WiFi but with 3G Unrestrictor it will run on 3G and even EDGE. Every once in a while I would have problems keeping the call connected. It seemed, after about a minute, that the call would freeze and then disconnect randomly. It also seemed like it was happening with anyone and anywhere. [Read more…]

SBSettings Update for 4.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SBSettingsOne of the best hacks for the iPhone, SBSettings, now works with firmware 4.0. This hack let’s you swipe the status bar and a drop down menu pops out with all kinds of quick settings like brightness adjustment and toggles for wifi, bluetooth and 3G. There are different themes, all kinds of info like running processes, IP address, & memory. Best of all, it’s free. This is a must have app!

See our past reviews of SBSettings for more detailed descriptions.

Note: there is a small bug for 4.0.

ATTENTION 4.0 USERS: Currently an activator bug prevents the SBSettings window from appearing in some apps. For the time being, load settings, activator, and set SBSettings also to short hold home so you can hold home button to also bring up sbsettings in apps.

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Signal – See Cell Tower Info on a Google Map

Available In: Cydia       Price: $4.99  

SignalThis app lets you see what cell towers are around you and what strength you’re getting. It’s amazing how many towers are around that I didn’t notice before. Some towers aren’t exactly where they show up on the map, but it gets you pretty close. It shows you signal strength, which one you’re connected to and all kinds of other info. One thing I’d like to see is the current location needs to move with you and update live, not just updated when app is opened. [Read more…]

3G Unrestrictor – Enable Wifi Features Over 3G & EDGE (FaceTime on 3G!) (video)

3G Unrestrictor has been updated to work with iPhone 4 and firmware 4.x. You know what this means! FaceTime calls anywhere! Now we’ve tested this out, and really it works better on 3G than it does on EDGE but it does work. Once installed you can just open the app and select apps you’d like to fake out. This makes them think your phone is on Wifi instead of 3G or EDGE. Other apps that this can help with instead of FaceTime are the App Store, which won’t let you download apps over 20MB. This goes for videos in iTunes too. Although Skype recently announced the use of Skype over 3G, you can avoid additional costs if they ever do decide to charge for it. Another place this will help is when videos download over 3G they are compressed more which makes them more blurry. With 3G Unrestrictor, YouTube thinks it’s on Wifi and will download the full resolution version. [Read more…]

SnapTap Updated for 4.0 – Make Volume Buttons Snap Photos

Available In: Cydia       Price: $0.99  

This app allows you to take pictures or video with the volume buttons instead of trying to hit the little button on the screen. It should help you to keep the camera more still and keep from blurry photos. This only works when the camera app is open or other apps using the camera feature. The news here is that it had been updated to work with 4.0 firmware so now you can use it to take HD 720p video! This is one of my top jailbreak apps that I just gotta have. [Read more…]

Infinifolders – Unlimited Apps in iOS 4 Folders (more than 12 apps)

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

InfinifoldersThis is a major reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch if you haven’t already. Apple made a sweet move by adding the ability to add folders full of icons calling the feature ‘folders‘. Of course they probably just copied the jailbreak hack called ‘categories’. Anyway, I’ll admit that Apple’s implimentation is better and the GUI is beautiful. The major downfall to the feature is the limit of apps you can fit in a folder, just 12.

Well, what if I have 20 ‘Kids Games’ or 30 ‘News’ apps? With Infinifolders you can now have them all in one folder. And this is the stock folders from Apple. Now you can scroll down past the 12 app limit. Here’s a video fo what it looks like. [Read more…]

iPhone 4, 3GS & 3G Unlock – ultrasn0w 1.0-1

Dev TeamThe iPhone 4 unlock is ready! Remember, unlocking is different from jailbreaking. Unlocking lets you use your iPhone on other carriers. Of course, in the US the only other carrier that works with the iPhone is T-Mobile. This unlock is done by first jailbreaking the iPhone allowing applications to be installed that Apple doesn’t approve of. Then, in Cydia, you will need to add this source: Then you can install ultrasn0w. [Read more…]

List of Applications Compatible with Jailbreak

CydiaHere is a list of apps that have been either confirmed or denied working with the new iPhone 4, iOS firmwares and jailbreak. This is info gathered by the community so if it conflicts with your device, please let us know.
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New JailBreak Using, Easy Jailbreak Right From Device [video]

Dev TeamThe new jailbreak is out! Just visit from your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad and follow the instructions. We’ll have video and more soon. Video below! We’re also going to post a list of apps that work and don’t work from Cydia. Please let us know in the comments or @reply us at @iphoneschool.
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