Infinifolders – Unlimited Apps in iOS 4 Folders (more than 12 apps)

Available In: Cydia       Price: $1.99  

InfinifoldersThis is a major reason why you should jailbreak your iPhone or iPod touch if you haven’t already. Apple made a sweet move by adding the ability to add folders full of icons calling the feature ‘folders‘. Of course they probably just copied the jailbreak hack called ‘categories’. Anyway, I’ll admit that Apple’s implimentation is better and the GUI is beautiful. The major downfall to the feature is the limit of apps you can fit in a folder, just 12.

Well, what if I have 20 ‘Kids Games’ or 30 ‘News’ apps? With Infinifolders you can now have them all in one folder. And this is the stock folders from Apple. Now you can scroll down past the 12 app limit. Here’s a video fo what it looks like.


Like I state in the video, the only problem I’m having with the app is when another app crashes and I get kicked into safe mode, all the extra apps come back out of the folder. Hopefully this can be fixed. This has been fixed!

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  1. does this work on the iphone 4? a lot of jailbroken apps for ios 4 dont.

  2. Doug Chapin says

    This is awesome. The only other thing I WISH it did was to make folder names searchable. I loved this feature on categories.

  3. Kayvan Sylvan says

    I still can’t get Winterboard to work on my 3G running iOS4.0.1, so while this looks good, I doubt it will work.

    Everytime I install anything that uses mobilesubstrate my phone goes into safe mode. Is anyone else seeing this problem?

    • I have both winterboard and infinifolders with no reboots/resprings
      3GS tho. 3G is crap with iOS4.x may be your issue there. MS is from saurik. Maybe tweet him your issues

    • I’ve only had one app I’ve tried so far that crashed my iPhone and that’s Popup Blocker. It would respring my iPhone or put it into safe mode. Have you tried reinstalling mobile substrate or winterboard?

  4. Rusty Hoge says

    I bought this for my iPhone 4 and it works, but I have a couple gripes.

    1. When first installed all existing folders are removed! You need to start again creating folders from scratch.
    2. Infinifolders confuses iTunes. Infinifolders don’t show up or can be manipulated in iTunes.

    Due to this, I removed infinifolder. The good news is that all my old (before infinifolders) folders came back!

  5. I hope it will add optional for horizontal scrolling next update.