Temporary Fix For Gowalla & Jailbroken iPhones

When the jailbreak came out for the iPhone 4 I was very excited. I was even more excited when a lot of my favorite jailbreak apps became available. Then I noticed Gowalla, an App Store app for check in to locations, had stopped working. When you opened the app it would just crash right away. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it just kept doing it. Eventually I found out it was a problem with having my iPhone jailbroken and specifically having Winterboard installed. Here’s a recent @reply from @gowalla:


What’s good about this is there an update coming soon. Until then there’s a easy workaround. Just visit m.gowalla.com and then add it to your homescreen. It makes an icon and one of those sweet fullscreen web apps. Here’s some screenshots:


[nggallery id=91]

A quick shoutout and thanks to my buddy Justin shared with me about Gowalla’s mobile site. Just just recently switched to an iPhone 4 after a long time using BlackBerries. Congrats man! And thanks!

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  1. You’re welcome!

  2. yeah i’d rather not use an app if i had to uninstall winterboard!

  3. I wonder if there are other apps with this problem–I seem to have about 100% more “random” crashes running jailbroken under iOS than I ever did under 3.1.3.

  4. The other workaround is temporarily turning off Winterboard with SBSettings. Go to More>Mobile Substrate Addons>toggle off Winterboard>Respring. Gowalla works again. Turn Winterboard back on when you’re done.

    Of course just going to http://m.gowalla.com is a much easier solution. :)

  5. This happened to me too. Except with plants vs. Zombies and bejeweled 2. I left winterboard how it was and just went into sbsettings and disabled winterboard in mobile subtrate’s add-ons. Themes stayed how they were and it fixed the problem.