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Brilho – WinterBoard Theme

Brilho is a WinterBoard theme that contains 34 icons (some of which are alternative icons), a wallpaper, a lock screen background, folders mod and an icon template (a .psd file). The mod for the folders is pretty cool and overall the theme is decently well designed. Check out the screenshots below. You can get Brilho via the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

i101 – Episode 23

Show Notes

Beetle cases –
Nike+ GPS –
iBank –
iOS – AirPrint, iPad backgrounding & folders (20apps), new fonts for notes, new voice memo icon, importing .ics files calendar, iPad mute switch, brightness slider in dock,
iPod touch speed comparison videos –

i101 – Episode 22

Show Notes

Brooke case review – iSkin Pulse –
DisplayOut –
Parallels for iPad/iPhone – App Store app is free; Application for OSX is $80 or $50 for upgrade –
Email from Brian – portable chargers – Mophie –
Tom testing Nike+ GPS –

SHAtter Jailbreak – Tethered or untether that is the question.

Ok ok… it seems there is quite a bit of speculation going around as to what the SHAtter jailbreak is… tethered or untethered. (For those of your who are still catching up… SHAtter is the name of the jailbreak the Chronic Dev Team is currently working on for iOS 4.1). It seems that there is a bit of confusion. Honestly, I’m not sure it really matters too much since the jailbreak isn’t even out yet but, lets try to clarify the situation anyway. [Read more…]

SwitcherPlus – Adds Multitasking Ability on Lock Screen

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

SwitcherPlus is a mod that adds the ability to use the multitasking dock from your lock screen. Once the app has been installed in Cydia, you are able to use the complete functionality of multitasking from your lock screen.

If you do not have a passcode set for your device, and you select an application from the multitasking dock while on the lock screen, it will automatically take you from the lock screen directly into that application. If you do have a passcode, and you select an application from the multitasking dock while on the lock screen, it will require you to enter your passcode and then will bring you directly into the application you selected.

I did notice that after you select an app from the multitasking dock (while on the lock screen), the passcode keyboard disappears pretty quickly. So, you will want to start typing in your passcode as soon as the keyboard appears or it will disappear and you will have to go back into multitasking and select your app again. Hopefully this will be fixed with an update. NOTE: This can actually be changed in the app’s settings. If you go into the Lock Screen Mode option and then the Dim after dismiss option… you can increase the time before the screen dims and thus the keyboard disappears.
[Read more…]

i101 – Episode 21

Show Notes

iPad at Target & China
Nationwide wifi –
HDR on iPhone 3G & 3GS – in Cydia as HDR Camera Enabler
Install duplicate apps –
iPad star trek sounds (Cydia)

New Kindle Commercial Takes A Stab At The iPad

When I first heard about Amazon’s new commercial that takes a stab at the iPad… I thought that maybe they mention the iPad for a few seconds somewhere in the commercial. I definitely didn’t think the WHOLE commercial would be about comparing the iPad and the Kindle however, that is exactly what they did. Amazon’s new commercial “compares” that iPad’s ability to be viewed in sunlight vs the Kindle’s. Check out the commercial below. [Read more…]

Direct Closer – Quickly Close Multitasking Apps

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Direct Closer Direct Closer is a simple little hack that, when you double-tap the Home Button to get to the multitasking apps, it automatically puts them into “wiggle” mode so they can be removed. Normally, you would have to double-tap the Home Button and then tap and hold an icon in the multitasking dock in order to get the apps into “wiggle” mode so that they can be removed. This app just makes this process a little faster by automatically putting them in “wiggle” mode. However, in order to switch to another app (using the multitasking dock), you have to tap the Home Button once to turn off the “wiggle” mode and then tap the app you would like to switch too. So, depending on how you use your multitasking dock… this app might not be for you. Check out the screenshots below. You can get Direct Closer via the BigBoss source. [Read more…]

iSkin Duo Case for iPad – Review

iSkinThis is the first case I’ve used on my iPad besides the Apple case. If I could rate the case based on looks it would be a winner, but the type of material used (silicone with Microban® antimicrobial technology) to manufacture it makes it a fail in my book. The material is just too smooth and slippery. Setting it on almost any surface that is at an angle, even my jeans, causes it to slide down. Something more rubbery and grippy would make it a perfect case. It’s easy to get on and off but the material is so flimsy it just feels cheap. I’ve been pretty impressed with most iSkin products, like my iPhone 4 case (iSkin solo), but I can’t say that about this case.
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Cydia Acquires Rock Your iPhone

Cydia It seems that Saurik (the developer of Cydia) has recently required Rock Your iPhone. For those of you who are not familiar with Rock Your iPhone, it is another application used to install jailbroken apps onto your device. Some of you die-hard Rock Your iPhone fans might be freaking out a little bit but, Saurik has written up a detailed FAQ section on Cydia… below are a few of the biggies. [Read more…]

i101 – Episode 20

Show Notes

New case from iSkin (Pulse)
iPod nano watch
Sept 30th end of free case program (griffin motif)
HDR, game center, upload wifi YouTube
iMovie Updates
FaceTime coming to computer/iPad
FaceMan (like photobooth),

Sleek Elite HD – SBSettings Theme

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Sleek Eilte HD Sleek Elite HD is a theme for SBSettings (an application that allows you to quickly toggle settings on your device). There are two things I really like about this theme; it’s well designed and it has 31 icons. I’m pretty sure that covers about ever toggle available for SBSettings! Check out the screenshots below. You can get Sleek Elite HD via the modmyi source. [Read more…]

Apple Releases App Store Guidelines

Apple I’m sure most of you have already heard about the fact that Apple has released their App Store Guidelines (especially since I know you all watched episode 19 of i101!) but, just in case you haven’t I thought I would mention on AiS too. Yesterday, Apple released their App Store Guidlines allowing developers to have a better understanding of how apps are accepted and rejected from the App Store. Below is a list of some of the main guidelines. The entire document contains 113 guidelines each of which are broken down and specifically explained. [Read more…]

i101 – Episode 19

ifixit teardown of iPod touch – 256mb ram, no vibrate
iOS 4.1 – Should I update? – Jailbreak apps!
Site crashing
new griffin case
New App Store Terms – google voice back, adobe is happy

MiDarkTheme – WinterBoard Theme

MiDarkTheme is a dark theme (obviously) that contains 36 icons, a dock, status bar, lockscreen background, wallpaper, SMS mod, Safari mod, Phone mod, pop-up mod, Calculator mod, badges, page dots… etc. Overall it is a decently designed theme. There are a few things that could be a little cleaner… like the Safari loading mod but overall it’s not too bad. You can get MiDarkTheme via the modmyi source.

Note: There is no Stocks icon for this theme. [Read more…]