FullScreen for Safari

Available In: Cydia Price: $1.49

SafariThis super sweet hack is just as the title sounds, a full screen feature for the stock Safari app. This means no address bar and no toolbar at the bottom. Don’t worry, it’s not an all or nothing option. You can use a variety of gestures to initiate full screen mode. There are also other gestures for things like back and scrolling up. This only works on iOS 4 but it works really well. It ran very smooth for us and it’s definitely a keeper! Can’t wait for it to work with the iPad (as of now it’s not compatible)



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  1. Getting lots of crashes. On 4.1 on my iPhone 4. Gestures seem a little flaky as well. Not ready for primetime.

  2. Sorry to hear that. I believe you, but so far, I’ve had no crashing. I don’t have a many apps installed yet either so that might be helping me out…

  3. So, Doug, what happened to the podcasts? Too much work or what? I really enjoyed them.

    • Video is one of my passions. I love making a video podcast. It is a bit of work but with the new program we’re using it’s not that difficult. We just don’t get a lot of feedback, views or comments on videos compared to written articles. We’re looking at doing the podcast once a week but with a week of content it’s hard to fit it into 15 minutes. We’d like to keep it at 15 minutes because that’s YouTube’s limit. Keep your feedback coming. It helps guide our direction with the site.

  4. How about 2, 15 minute videos a week?

  5. I will say this. The developer, Yiller, is very responsive and has pushed out two updates. I also REALLY like his program ScreenDimmer. Because of this I hold Yiller in high regard.

  6. Merely open the web site in Goodreader which is only $0.99 for full screen browsing with extra benefits. No jailbreak required.

    You can store the web page in a folder just like you can on a regular PC, which can be in a folders, which can be in a folder etc.

    So with GoodReader for $0.99 you get a file system for the iPad as well as a neat browser with extra benefits.

  7. I have Fullscreen for safari is very cool I recommend this cydia application

  8. Tonya Kinsey says

    While I don’t typically leave comments, I’ve watched every single video and followed in real time over the years. I definitely miss the videos and even began to worry about you guys as to why the sudden halt on podcasts. But I know life gets busy and with 3 little guys, I’m sure you both have your hands full. I was just patiently waiting on the next installment. Just figured I’d speak up so you knew that i101 is surely missed.

  9. Great app. Thanks.
    One caveat though, I’ve noticed that if I have the menu bars showing and I rotate from portrait to landscape in the clockwise direction then the menu bar along the bottom does not work. If I rotate to landscape orientation in the counter clockwise direction then the menu bar along the bottom works correctly.
    When I uninstalled the app the menu bar along the bottom works correctly regardless of the orientation of the iPhone.
    After reinstalling the app I experience the problem again.

    I can live with this but just wanted to point out this minor problem.
    Keep up the good work.

  10. Y can I porches the app I keep getting an errs message ?

  11. I can’t seem to get rid of the address bar on sites. Is there some magic pref I’m missing?