Moxier Collage – Free This Week (down from $7.99)

Moxier Collage is a pretty cool collage app for the iPad that is on sale for free this week… down from $7.99. I’m not sure I would have paid $7.99 for it but for free… it’s worth a shot. Moxier Collage is only available for the iPad. Check out the app description and screenshots below.

Moxier Collage

App Store Description:

Moxier Collage helps you create and share compelling electronic cards, collages, storyboards, picture boards, wallpaper, ideas, notes, and much more. Select from a variety of backgrounds, add pictures, text, frames, sticky notes, speech bubbles, headings, clipart, and then share with friends via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Moxier Collage’s highly intuitive software simplifies the creative process and enhances the sharing of ideas and memories. Simply start with a background template, or add your own, then add photos, clipart, and text. Moxier Collage lets you quickly resize, rotate, delete, and move objects. Once a design has been created, simply tap an icon and you can instantly share your creations, photos, and ideas with friends.

– Create fun collages, e-cards, storyboards, picture boards, wallpaper, memories, and much more.
– Quickly and easily resize, move, and rotate objects.
– Select from a list of backgrounds or add your own.
– Add pictures, frames, clipart, text, speech bubbles, sticky notes, and headings.
– Adjust photo color, brightness, and contrast.
– Supports both landscape and portrait modes.
– Share with friends using Facebook, Twitter, and Email.
– Fast, fun, and oh so easy!


Available In: App Store       Price: Free (down from $7.99)  
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  1. This app looks very cool but I haven’t paid over $2 for any apps yet. For a collage app, I chose “Collage for iPad” instead because I can do many of the same things with it, and can include any photos from Flickr in my collages, and it only costs $2.