Tankbot – Remote Controlled from iPhone or iPad

I’m a guy. So I really like remote controlled anything. I love to watch videos of Traxxas vehicles on YouTube and dream of the day I can afford one. A friend of mine also has been leaving his Air Hog’s (Warning: Flash) helicopter at work lately and even though it’s a simple model, it’s addicting. So, when I heard about this little tank I can control with my iPhone or iPad, I was excited to learn more. I’m trying to contact them for a little more info. For now, they are going to be about $20. Here’s their website: mydeskpets.com/tankbot

There’s not much info but this picture:

Here’s the deatils from the website:

• Autonomous Futuristic tank, with infrared obstacle detection
• Charged from USB port by integrated USB flip out connector
• Three modes:

Amazing maze solving
Autonomous personality mode with sound files and various play patterns
Controllable with iPhone / iPad / iPhone via supplied dongle (supplied) and free downloadable application. Will also work on Android devices (coming soon)
• Come in 4 different matte colors, Black, Blue, Green and Orange
• Internal rechargeable LiPo Battery allows for 15 minutes of play with a 30 minute recharge

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  1. Seems like you need to be wired to control it. ( Says via dongle ) If it’s over bluetooth, then I’ll buy one.

  2. i want that :D

  3. When will they be available? @Andres…… it uses IR.

  4. its cool but it has a very short range

  5. VERY short range

  6. China LED Lights says

    Yes, It’s looking nice and it has short range, Can you have a big range???