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DSLR Slate

When recording some video this week I thought it would be helpful to have one of those things you see on movie sets that have the take number and movie info and they clap the top down to make a clicking sound at the beginning of a take. These things are called clappers or slates. I checked in the App Store and found a few to choose from. I chose this app for quality look of screenshots, high start rating and the ability to install both on an iPhone and iPad. The app is $9.99 and allows you to easily insert all kinds of info to be displayed on the slate. They include a lot of camera info like ISO, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Framerate, etc. More features allow you to enter information on the movie like location, Producer, Director, etc. [Read more…]

Apple Invites Press to October 4th iPhone Event

Most likely, Apple will be announcing both the iPhone 5 and the new iOS firmware at their October 4th event. The invitation to the press is titled, “Let’s talk iPhone.” This leads me to believe there will be voice to text built into iOS 5. I’ve tested it out a little using the updated Target app. It seems to recognize what I say really well. It would be great to have it integrated into the software as an option when typing in all apps. [Read more…]

Must Have iPad Applications #1-5

If you have recently bought a new iPad I have some “must have” apps you should start out with. Of course, some apps you may wonder why they are so “must have” and argue that you don’t need them. Ok, you just might not. This is my list and there may be more that you would suggest (please do so in the comments). This is the first 5 and I will post more in chunks of 5 in the future. For what it’s worth, here’s my list: [Read more…]

iPhone 5 Concept Video

Someone told me about this video the other day and I was sure it wasn’t real. It is, of course, a concept video but it’s done pretty well. I do think the iPhone 5 will be thinner with a larger display but no way the other two features shown here are real. [Read more…]

iPad 2 Commercial – Learn

Apple’s recent iPad 2 commercial displays many great uses for the iPad other than games and web browsing. The iPad can be a great learning tool for both kids and adults. With my oldest son just beginning homeschooling, we plan to use the iPad along with other teaching tools. There are many apps other than the ones shown in this commercial that can be used for learning. Do you have a favorite that’s not listed here? Please share in the comments! [Read more…]