Archives for February 2012

ABC’s Nightline Tours Inside Apple’s Factories in China

Look at the back of your iPhone. Like most things around you, it says, “Assembled in China”. Not a big shock, but due to the size of this factory (Foxconn), when bad things happen, like suicides and explosions, they get more media attention. I’m all for the audits and making things right and so here is ABC’s video of their tour and what they saw: [Read more…]

Angry Birds Slap Bracelets

There are so many toys and accessories out there for Angry Birds that most are junk, but these slap bracelets are so nicely designed I just had to get them. It doesn’t help that I’m from the era of original slap bracelets, so when I handed them to my kids they didn’t know what to do with them. [Read more…]

MusicBanners – Music Tracks in Notification Center

MusicBanners is a nice addition to the stock iOS Notification Center. This hack notifies you when a new music track is playing. It will show up in all the normal places regular notifications appear such as the banner at the top, the lock screen or the pull down notification center. The hack also works with Pandora and possibly other music apps but it’s originally made for the iOS Music app (formerly the iPod app) but when you open the notification it will always open the music app. Hopefully a future update can fix this but it’s still a great hack. This app is free in the Cydia Store. [Read more…]