Archives for August 2012

Instacube – A Living Canvas for your Instagram Photos [Kickstarter]

I love photostream because all the photos my wife and I take get pushed to a flat screen that is hooked to our Mac mini with a screensaver displaying our photos from photostream. We had a small LCD picture frame but it fried after only a few months. The one problem with our photos is that most of them are square because we use Instagram a lot. Instacube is the solution! A decent sized, wireless, battery powered, square screen for $150. [Read more…]

Facebook Releases App Update 5.0

Facebook has released a new app that has been coded with Objective-C instead of HTML5. What does this mean to you? Hopefully a more reliable app that doesn’t crash! I’ve already tested the app on my iPhone and it’s much faster. The app looks mostly the same but there are a few things that look nicer such as photos. The look and feel of browsing photos, liking them and commenting on them is much better. The app update also includes the iPad and iPod touch. I’m actually excited about the iPad app because it was so bad before that I only used the website. The new app supports timeline and shows my profile the way it looks like on the website. [Read more…]

The iPhone Scuba Suit A.K.A. driSuit

A friend of mine was headed on a family vacation and asked me what I thought about this waterproof case for the iPhone & iPhone 4S. I thought I’d check it out and post here to see if anyone else has used it. The case is sold on a website that has lots of awesome photography accessories. First, this case is $60 so we’re talking a serious accessory, not just a cheap attempt at a solution. I love this sweet .gif animation on their website of how the iPhone fits into the case. [Read more…]