The iPhone Scuba Suit A.K.A. driSuit

A friend of mine was headed on a family vacation and asked me what I thought about this waterproof case for the iPhone & iPhone 4S. I thought I’d check it out and post here to see if anyone else has used it. The case is sold on a website that has lots of awesome photography accessories. First, this case is $60 so we’re talking a serious accessory, not just a cheap attempt at a solution. I love this sweet .gif animation on their website of how the iPhone fits into the case.

Buy the The iPhone Scuba Suit at the Photojojo Store!

This case is not designed just to be water resistant, but waterproof, submersible up to 15 feet. Each one is tested before it’s sent out. Something that I was not expecting is that the touch screen is still usable! Most waterproof cases cause the screen to be unusable but with this case you can still touch to focus or anything else you need to do.

Obviously, you can’t charge your iPhone with this case on but if you have waterproof headphones this case allows protection even with headphones plugged in. Also, there is no warranty with this case. If you have dammage to your iPhone for whatever reason, it’s on you.

There is also a “Floatation Wrist Band” that you can attach to the case so it doesn’t sink for $10. My father-in-law could have really used this recently when his iPhone ended up at the bottom of the Mississippi River. This would have been much cheaper than the replacement cost. They also sell those waterproof headphones for $20. So, for under $100 you can have a complete waterproof solution. I’d say if you’re going to actually use your iPhone at the pool, vacation, shower, etc, spend good money for good results.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments if you have used this case or have another recommendation for my friend on a waterproof case for her iPhone!


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  1. Looks good. I use a DryCase on an armband a few times a week to swim laps and it works fine. I can use the touchscreen. Albeit, all I do is use FlickTunes to select music/podcasts/playlists, so don’t know how precie it is, but it works fine. I might like this one better because it’s a more compact case and would be easier to get to the buttons. Also, with the DryCase, I’m probably introducing a bit more drag on my arm than this one would.