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Apple Announces the iPad mini

Apple has announced the heavily rumored iPad mini. We’ve know some of the the specs for a while including the 7.9″ display and the 1024×768 display. It has the new lighting connector that comes with iPhone 5. It has the faster wifi, LTE, Siri, 5MP Back Camera, 1080p Video Recording, 720p Front Camera, and the A5 chip. I’m guessing since the screen resolution is smaller than the iPad 3 & 4 they didn’t feel the need to put the new A6 or A6X chips in it. [Read more…]

iPhone Tweets from the 2nd 2012 Presidential Debate

Last night, at the end of the debate, one of the questions asked how to bring back the production of the iPhone, iPad and other Apple products back to the US. I don’t plan to get political here but there were some funny tweets going on at that point during the debate. Some were more serious. Here are a few I saw. Send me any that I missed! [Read more…]

iPhone 5 Box Prank Video

This is awesome. People have been waiting in line over night and just can’t wait to get their new iPhone. I know because I’m waited in lines many times at Apple & AT&T. Then, a guy dressed like an Apple employee comes by with a dolly full of boxes. He acts like he’s delivering the new iPhones and then drops the boxes. You can tell the boxes are full of glass and things to make a breaking sound. It’s pretty funny and people are pretty gullible. If you really think about it, the iPhone boxes are packaged pretty well and even if you took 1 iPhone box and dropped it from pretty high I bet you still wouldn’t hear glass breaking sounds. Still, funny to see people’s reations! [Read more…]