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Do Not Disturb (DND) Not Working After New Year

You may have noticed that your Do Not Disturb has been stuck on since New Years. Or, that when you change it, it’s not changing back at it’s scheduled time. Apple has confirmed this is a known problem with iOS 6 and it will resolve itself after January 7th. This isn’t the first time Apple has had problems with time. During many New Years & Day Light Savings time changes, alarms have not worked at all and many people ended up late for work. Unfortunately, the only fix at this time is to manually turn on/off your Do Not Disturb until January 7th. We’ll check back then to see if it works! [Read more…]

Government Alerts, Amber Alerts & Emergency Alerts (and How to Turn Them Off)

Recently we had a epic storm in our area that included nearly 12″ of snow, very low temperatures and blizzard conditions. This caused an Emergency Alert to be broadcast by the government. What was most annoying to many in our area is that the alert was posted at 4:00 AM the day before the storm which hit in the evening of the next day. A friend of mine was asking me about it and I didn’t know much. I didn’t get the alert; I assume because I’m on AT&T & he is on Verizon. I had seen tweets about the alerts from a local meteorologist. [Read more…]

Bike Race

I recently installed a new motorcycle game over the Christmas holiday called “Bike Race”. I have to warn you, this game is highly addictive! The game itself is addicting enough because of the nature of the game. But, what’s even more addicting is the ability to play with others online including your Facebook friends. I currently have several games going with both Facebook friends and random people I’ve met through the game.

The game itself is pretty simple. You steer a motorcycle through a race track viewed from a two-dimensional angle on the side. A game I play on the Xbox called “Trials HD” is a lot like it but this version is not as high graphic. Nevertheless, it’s still as addictive! [Read more…]