Friday Favs – This Week’s Favorite Hacks and Mods

Hi! Welcome to Friday Favs… this is where I will talk about some of my favorite mods and hacks from the week. Since the Evasi0n jailbreak was just released on Monday, this post is going to be primarily made up of the must-have mods and hacks I install as soon as I jailbreak my iDevice (in this case my iPhone).

PhotoProtect – The very first hack I installed was PhotoProtect, a hack that prevents photos from being deleted off your iDevice. If you have young children (or maybe crazy friends), you understand my need for this hack. I’m pretty sure the first thing my 2-year-old does when he picks up my iPhone is take pictures and I’m always afraid he is going to accidentally delete one in the process. Once installed, the controls for this app are in the stock Settings application. This app has an added bonus with the ability to customize the pop-up text and button text. See the screenshots below.

Note: If you have any trouble with this application, just toggle it on/off again.


Infinifolders – Infinifolders is a hack that allows you to put as many apps in a folder as you would like. Apple only allows for 12 apps in a folder (and there are times when 12 apps just doesn’t cut it!!). Seriously, there are just more than 12 apps for my “Shopping” folder. Nothing fancy with this hack, just install it and start adding more than 12 apps… no icon or settings.


SBSettings – If you have read my previous post, you already know that SBSettings has sentimental value to me… being an old school jailbreaker and whatnot. Not only does this hack allow for quick access to brightness controls, WiFi toggle and respringing ability… it allows me to do some of my favorite hacks including changing my carrier name and adding the date to my status bar. <---- This is HUGE, it is so annoying to have to go find my calendar icon to know the current date. Now, I can just look at my status bar no matter what app I'm in (as long as the statusbar is visible obviously). The option to add the date to the statusbar is located in the More menu in SBSettings under the SBSetting Options in the menu. The ability to change the carrier name is in the More menu under the System Options in the menu. See screenshots below. ScreenShots: [gallery ids="27328,27327,27324,27325,27326,27301"] BytaFont – BytaFont is an application that allows you to customize the fonts on your iDevice. Once installed, you can browse from a list of fonts, see screenshots of those fonts, rate fonts and choose the fonts you would like to install. I will say the app is a tiny bit clunky and does take a few minutes to learn how to use it with ease but, other than that, it does it’s job, it’s nicely designed and it has a decent list of fonts to browse through.

Note: You can get a little more specific with your font customization in the Advanced option. Check it out.


Two mods that I have installed this week are ColorClock and Message Bubble Colors. You can check out reviews of those mods HERE and HERE. Those are my Friday Favs for this week. Let me know what some of your favs are in the comments.

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